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English Words causes Embarrasment US Elections Special.

Here is 2 scenarios of what happened to me.

venue: 2 old women and me.
watching news. News line: Mrs Hassan's abduction. Care International

Old woman 1: Why does that woman cry.
Me: well she is kidnapped. Poor her. She came to serve us and she ended up in terrorists hands.
Old woman 2: What was she doing ?
Me: She was working for CARE (In Kurdish, it sounds KIR (means d*ck)
Old woman1: Ayarooo (Oh my lord). she works for KIR ?!
Old woman2: She couldn't find enough KIRs in her own country ?
ME: NO NO NO NO...not bloody KIR. CARE CARE...
Old woman1: Ay dawasheyt (Shame on you) stop it KIR KIR. Respect elderies.
Old woman2: Yeah right. Weren't you properly educated not to talk about things like that with elderies?
ME: NOOOOOOOO..You guys need to learn English. CARE is not KIR.
Old woman1: So what is it ? Why don't u teach us u with your English ?
Old woman2: Oh
ME: "Interepting"...CARE is something she was doing..Poor Mrs Hassan was taking CARE of us. It means "chawderi". !
Woman 1 & 2: now you talking Kurdish...

Scenario 2: Watching news with an old man.
News line: US elections. Bush Vs Kerry.
ME: This is about the US elections.
Old Man: So, we will stay the same. No changes for us.
ME: Yeah true.. but still..it is fun to see who wins.
Old Man: I Know BOSH (Bush), who is his opponent ?
ME: KERRY (In Kurdish sounds KIRI (means "his d*ck")
Old Man: Akkkkk dawsheyt basha... KIRI ke ? (shame on you) who's KIR ?
ME: NO NO NO....Kerry u Bush (Kerry & Bush).
Old Man: Bosh's one ?
ME: NO NO that is a name KERRY.
Old Man: KIRI is a name ? It is the end of the world.
ME: Why ? He is American not Kurdish.
Old Man: Oh whatever. I will vote for BOSH.
ME: You can't vote. You are not American.
Old Man: Next time I see an American I tell him/her to vote for BOSH.
ME: Why?
OLD MAN: I don't want my face to go red everytime I say the name of the US president.

(Most Kurds support BUSH (BOSH) because they think he has removed Saddam Hussein. But most agree that even if KERRY comes to power, it would be hard to change US policies towards Kurds or Iraq).
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