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Sad News : 12 Nepalis are beheaded !

I just read on one of the Ansar Al-Sunnah websites that the 12 Nepal nationals have been beheaded. My eyes are in tears and my hands are shaking as I write this. This mass-killing of 12 innocent men and women is another crime of the terrorists in Iraq.

I won't publish their website so that I won't promote terrorists. This two of their photos (I have changed the URL addresses ) GRAPHIC PHOTOS BEWARE

God bless them, and God punish these terrorist monsters.

A bunch of new blogs.

Jeff from HumanRaceWatch has very interesting posts, I will definitely will keep an eye on it to update myself on the American elections.

Simko, a new Kurdish blogger has started blogging from Sulaimani (or Sulaymania), probably you have never heard about this city. But currently this city can be described as "Paris" in Kurdistan and (Iraq). (now some of you might laugh & say "If that is your Paris then God help you" but hey give us some time please)

Rick Sackette a director of a NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) has started his blog. He is now back in USA, and he has a very good post on the "Media Abuse".

Delal, from TurkishDelight, is a Kurdish girl living in USA. I have been reading her posts for a while. She hasn't blogged since she has found a "Sex Phone" job on 18th of August. ( I bet you Americans will start dialing now ;) Thanks God men in Kurdistan don't spend their money on things like that "Yet". But as long as Delal can finish her 71 calls to make enough money for her teeth, I wish her all the good luck. (I find her posts funny..keep it up delal)
We have something like these kind of "Chat Up Lines". But they are somehow face to face (even better) !! We call them "The Gypsies"...They are young girls and go around from one shop to another, and ask men to let them tell their future. The girls make naughty comments and some men like it, dunno what is so fun about that...

Well..Don't ask me about prices... I have never asked. :)

A question for the Americans

I want to make this very short, I have heard that the number of the US soldiers loss in Iraq is much higher than the actual figure given out by the Pentagon.
Apparently, those deads who have "American Green Cards" don't count in the official Pentagon death-toll because they are not Americans "Yet".

(I heard this from an Egyptian guy on Al-Jazeera who acts like he knows everything. His name is (Haykal) and his programme is called (With Haykal).

So, if someone in USA has a green card, can he/she join the US army and fight in Iraq/Afghanistan etc ?

Second thought, I have always thought that USA support people's wills. Or in other terms, leaders do what their people want to do. But, it seems that the USA wants "people to do what their leaders want to do"...Very nice democracy indeed !

Read Condoleezza Rice comments when she answered a clever journalist :

Q I'm wondering how you reconcile the statement you just made about the Kurds with the fact that in January, 1.7 million people in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is about 80 percent of the adults, signed a petition asking for a vote on independence -- and, obviously, anybody who signed the petition was in favor of that. ?

DR. RICE: Well, first of all, as to the Kurds, I would just note that such referenda on independence have taken place in lots of places, including, for instance, Canada to our north. And it has been the role of leadership to convince people that they really ought to stay in the same body.

On Najaf & Sistani & Sader
I would say to a country which is being ruled by a bearded Ayatollah (GO TO HELL YOU BASTARD). Four weeks and a government couldn't solve the issue of Najaf. But an Ayatollah solved the issue in 4 minutes.
Also, Muqtada has a court of himself where he kills whoever he wants. Are we going to see Muqtada infornt of the so called (Iraqi-Justice) ?


Kurdistan's Democracy

I have received several emails to show their concern about my earlier post regarding the democracy situation in Kurdistan.
First, some good news. Kurdistan Parliament has decided to hold elections for Kurdistan one week earlier before the Iraqi general elections, and this should mean (hopefully) that the mafia-like control of KDP & PUK should end. Meaning that hopefully a true democratic government in Kurdistan to be elected.

I would like to make some clarifications about my earlier post regarding the Kurdish democracy. The Kurdish political parties are not like the war-lords in Afghanistan. They are somehow modern, and beleive in civil adminstratonis, they believe in modernisations, but their democracy is different from the democracy that ordinary Kurds want, the democracy in Europe. (Or in other words, 21st century mafias).

Many Kurds are impressed by Europe, this is because nearly every Kurd have at least someone (if not 5 to 10 people) in Europe or abroad. These European Kurds visit Kurdistan every year. They bring back their ideas and thoughts and implement them in Kurdistan. There are some Kurds who have come back to resettle in Kurdistan (i.e. Kardox who has spent 15 years in Europe)

Now this has made ordinary Kurds demand true democracy, not some mafia-like control by KDP or PUK.
These two parties are now making reforms, epsecially PUK, but I think there are still miles away from the model-European styles. But a journey of 1000 miles start with a step.

Here are some of the nasty looks of PUK & KDP :

1) PUK daily (Kurdistani Newi), has Talabani's photo on the frontpage, almost everyday. KDP is the same with Massoud Barzani in Xabat, nearly everyday (some days they run out of photos are guess).

Khabat Image click here.

Kurdistani Newi Image click here

2) Talabani & Barzani have a governmental order to have their picutres in all schools and governmental buildings.
(Photo courtesy of Sulaimania University)

(What a nasty photo to start a day with, Gee, can't they find a photo of a pretty girl or something ;) )

Barzani & Talabani have employed their families in top posts. Barzani in the first place.
Barzani clans are :
1. President of KDP (Massoud Barzani)
2. Prime Minister of Kurdistan Government (Nechirvan Barzani, Massoud's nephew)
3. Iraqi Foreign Ministry (Hoshyar Zebari, Massoud's cousin).
4. Member of the KDP leadership council, Masrur Barzani, (Massoud's son)
5. Saywan Barzani, Kurdistan Regional Government's representative in Europe (Massoud's cousin).
and the list goes on.

Al-Iraqiya TV : The Arab lions (Iraq) reach the last 4 in Athens

BBC : Iraq was carved out of the Ottoman provinces of Mosul, Baghdad and Basra

I have been following the Iraqi olympics team since the start of the qualifications. So I have almost watched every single match since their qualifications stages.

I was very happy yesterday to see Iraq beating Austuralia. I was watching the match with some friends. We were happy and nervous, but this is what happened..

The commentator on the US-installed television (Al-Iraqiya) repeated contiously several times "Iraq, the lions of Arabs & Asia are doing great" ....

We didn't say nothing until the end of the match...My friend said "Maybe this guy is from Fallujah or whatever" ..At the end of the match, when all the stress was gone, we turned to Al-Sharqiya (another Iraqi TV based in Iraq & Dubai) , there is a veteran Iraqi football expert. His name is "Muayaad Badri". He has been presenting sports news since the dark ages. (He was also used to teach in Baghdad's universities.)

He also repeated the same line.. "Weldone Arabs, we are the lions in Athens"...

We switched off the TV and played some music and started a discussion. The subject was "Is Iraq Arabic ?"
It was a long discussion, especially when you have a drink in your hand, and we came to this conlcusion :

Yes Iraq is Arabic..We can not force Arabs in Iraq to say that their country is not Arabic..Yes they are Arabs, and we like it or not, they will call their country Arabic, and we as Kurds cant' do much about it. We should NOT be winning (Oh Iraq is not Arabic) , we should be saying "Look dudes, yes Iraq is Arabic, but Kurdistan is not. You take your Arabic Iraq, and we take our Kurdistan".

Here we will go back to what it went wrong (Source BBC website)

1918 - After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, British forces occupy the oil-rich Ottoman vilayet (province) of Mosul (current Iraqi Kurdistan) , bringing extensive Kurdish-populated areas under British rule.

1919 - Mosul area is added to the new Iraqi state, which comes under a British mandate.

Read the BBC's TimeLine for Iraqi Kurds. We have a long history for demanding independence don't we ?! ;-)

Kurds screwed from all sides, even from inside.

Scenario One:You are an ordinary Kurd. You wish that you get independence so that you won't live in fear of prosecution anymore on the hands of the majority. But the superpowers tell you, do you wish to be eaten alive by Turkey & Iran, or do you want to shut up and accept what we will give you in troubled state called "Iraq".

Scenoario Two:
You are the same ordinary Kurd. You want to have a peaceful life. You want to practise democracy. But you are being ruled by two war-lord parties full of thugs, KDP & PUK. PUK & KDP both tell you, do you want to be eaten alive by the Arabs in Fallujah and Najaf, or do you want to shut up and accept what we give you ?!

So imagine how screwed the ordinary Kurds are. Let me tell you some little secrets, but please don't tell no one, come a little closer "The democracy that PUK & KDP practise in Kurdistan is very far from the real democracy.".

Kurds are very tired with these two war-lord parties. I was encouraged to write this by Julia Duin's report on Kurdistan in the Washington Post.
Read that article. It is a great article. Especially this :

.......who are told that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which controls the northwestern tier of Kurdistan, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which controls the southeast, exercise Mafialike control over Kurds. Any newspaper that criticizes the parties, they say, finds itself banned from local newsstands.

Let me just give you some examples of what the thugs in KDP & PUK do :
(Both reported in Hawlati)
Case 1) Dr. Waleed Khorsheed, a professional dentist has returned from Sweden to serve his country. He had a house in Kirkuk and gave it to some KDP thugs rent-free(as a favour). Dr. Khorsheed now has asked politely for the return of his house. The KDP thugs beats him up. Local police says we don't have control over these guys.

Case 2) (Hawlati) A police man in the city of Sulaimani,intervenes in a traffic incident. A group of protection staff for a PUK leader (Arsalan Bayez) go into a fight with two locals. The policeman tries to solve the issue.
The PUK thugs beat up the policeman. The policeman tries to call other policemen to help him. When help comes, they also face the same situation. The policeman spends 21 days in hospital.

Case 3)A group of KDP thugs enter a mosque while a cleric is giving his speech. They beat the hell out of the cleric infront of all the prayers. They make his face bleed. Reason ?! The cleric doesn't know but he has heard that the thugs thought that he was from the rival PUK.

Almost %75 of Kurds at this moment is boiling against the PUK & KDP thugs. If you don't support any of them, you won't get jobs very easily. As simple as that. Basically, some liberal Kurds call them the purified version of Baath.

P.S. KDP & PUK don't hold elections for their leaders. PUK has a permenant leader to death (Jalal Talabani) and KDP is based on inheritance.

I bet you PUK & KDP internet freaks are now looking for me? Keep Looking :)

The Nightmare !

These videos (very graphic worse than the Al-Qaeda movies) are part of the nightmare which lasted 35 years.
These are not even 35 minutes, see if you can last watching them both.

The world was shocked by the Al-Qaeda movies beheading a few westerners (God Bless Them)... But the same world was silent for 35 years while Millions in this part of the world were being beheaded, gassed, killed, tortured, etc ...
Even the war which was supposed to liberate us, was under the name (Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction & Providing a Security for the West)... and in small print (freeing the oppressed people)...But Hey ! Too late better than never !

We lasted 35 years...let me see if you can last for 11 minutes :

Video One ...Fedayeen fighters terror

Video 2...Fedayeen & the Halabja Massacare

Let the pictures talk

Kurdish fans in Athens fly a Kurdistan flag, linked to an Iraqi flag during Iraq's olympic win over Costa Rica. A lot of Kurdistan flags were seen in the Greek stadium during the Iraq Costa Rica clash, a scence that the Dubai-based Al-Sharqiya Iraqi televsion tried to avoid showing. More photos.

A terrorist donkey getting arrested in Najaf, for trying to blow up a US tank. It seems that the Yankee is finding it difficult to pull the donkey, who in turn looks very happy indeed. I hope animal rights activists won't make a big deal out of this !

Iraqis tortured, this time by the Iraqi democrats

A Norwegian newspaper has published a shocking report on the new Iraqi police torturing prisoners in Najaf and other areas of Iraq.

The pictures can be seen here. These photos have been taken by an American soldier. These photos shocked me more than the Abu Ghareb ones. This is because these photos prove it that democracy and human rights have no chance in Iraq. Not after Paul Bremer decided to return all the Baathiests to work a day before he fled Iraq.

This photo here, reminds me of the moments where Kurds were being tortued alive, and when the Shias were being beaten to death, or when the prisoners in Baghdad were being beaten 5 times a day.

Even if these people are criminals, you wouldn't do that. There is something called "Justice in Court". You take them to court, and if proven guilty, they will serve their sentences.

Welcome to the "NEW" democratic Iraq ! There is nothing new in Iraq apart from the words (New Iraq)

Kurdistan Update

+ A Swiss company will open a private university in the city of Sulaimani. The Kurdistan government (PUK region) has agreed to help in building the university which will be called Dwa Rozh (The Future). Teaching will be based on the French style.

+ No one gives a damn about Muqtada or his gang or the fightings in the south of Iraq...People are busy looking for a place to go to on Fridays as in picnics...It is too hot...Almost everyone is trying to enjoy life.... Girls busy finding new modern clothes and guys busy finding modern girls...

+ People are getting more and more frustrated by the PUK & KDP....The people inside PUK & KDP are getting richer and richer, and God knows where that money comes from. PUK almost controls business in its areas and KDP almost controls business in their areas.

+ A huge number of restaurants have been opened, one of the interesting ones is the Iranian Restaurant. I think this is the only foreign restaurant in Kurdistan. Where are the Chinese and the Cuban ones ? Come on what we should have for supper ?!!

+ A few more Kurdish-style supermarkets have been opened in the recent few months. Some supermarkets are too expensive (it is stupid to pay $10 more for a Gillette in a supermarket, you can get it for much cheaper in normal shops).

+People are getting to use dollars instead of the rubbish new Iraqi dinars. They are easy to use, easy to handle, and easy to keep. Plus Kurds weren't using this new rubbish Iraqi dinars before. We had the Swiss printed ones.

+ I am puzzled by the Turkish threats against the Kurdish self-determination-rights calls. Almost %40-60 of the companies working in Kurdistan are Turkish. A Turkish company is building the Sulaimani Airport, the Sulaimani roads, some supermarkets, some other buildings, etc etc.

+ The US ambassador in Iraq visited Kurdistan last week. He has made some promises. (Well just like usual). He has given some support to some civil administrations as gifts.

+ The number of Arabs have increased dramatically in Kurdistan. It is good. They are tourists. Almost all the hotels are benefiting from this.

+ US forces have removed the Kurdistan flags in Kirkuk and replaced them with the Baathiest Iraqi flags. This has angered a lot of Kurds. Soon Kurds replaced some of the flags with the Kurdistan flags. Do the Americans know the history of the Kurdish-struggle against Iraq ? Wasn't the 1970 peace deal was called off because of Kirkuk ?
Or do the Americans like to create troubles so that they stay in Kirkuk for ever ? (By troubles I mean turning Kirkuk into another Fallujah or Najaf)...And with these behaviours, don't expect the situation to explode at anytime...

It only takes some US kids taking off a Kurdistan flag and these being attacked by Kurdish youths. Like usual US forces shoot. A few Kurds will be killed by the Americans. Soon the whole Kirkuki Kurds will attack American forces. Then Americans will retaliate (just like in Fallujah and Najaf), then the whole Kurdistan will start uprising...

These are very sensitive issues... They must be handled with great care or otherwise they will explode like hell

What you can't change and what you can

Let me just explain the relations between Kurds and Arabs in Iraq. In two words, very tense.

I will try to talk about this very-sensitive issue. As everyone tries to avoid it. But avoiding a sensitive issue, is like trying to run from the realities.

There are some old hatreous between the two groups. Whatever you call it, there are some racisms from both sides.
For example, most Arabs in Iraq think that Kurdistan is part of their Arab homeland. And they refer to it as their "Beloved North". But when they come to Kurdistan, they face the harsh reality. People speak another language, the geography of the area is different, the people are different, the civil and social issues are different, an entirely different state from the rest of Iraq. Especially now, where war has torn up Iraq and Kurdistan is almost intact (apart from the high-level security measures). They find out "This is not their Arabic homeland, this is Kurdistan."

Kurds have faced discrimination since the start of the Iraqi state in 1921. Now, the Americans are telling us to forget about history. But they forget, that you don't forget about history, but you learn about history. Otherwise, what is the point of all these academic researches into history ?!!! (Yeah you learn from it, you don't forget it)

These discriminations have been at both levels, discriminations by the Arab population, and discrimination by the government, and sometimes discrimination by the Kurdish officials who were employed by the Iraqi government.

Now these discriminations go on and on, according to the Institute of Peace & War Reporting, Kurdish students in Arabic universities are facing discrimination on a wide level.

Universities now in Iraq & Kurdistan, take %5 of their applications from non-local applicants.

The report says :
But Kurdish students say they are increasingly discriminated against by
Arab university administrators and teachers, and harassed by fellow
There are some very common cases in that report. But these are not new to Kurds. I have some personal experiences of being discriminated.

Arabs have a tradition, making racist jokes on Kurds. This is very common. Fine, you joke for fun. But you don't have to insult.

I was once with some Arabs (some old some young). We started telling jokes. They started joking about Kurds, and they went on for about half an hour. I didn't say anything first.

But then I said "Excuse me, I know 1000 jokes and I can simply replace the word SOMEONE with the word ARAB and make you all cry. You don't need to be racist when you want to make someone smile".

One of them responded, "But you are a Kurd, Kurds are dumbs, that is the truth", and everyone else laughed (as a sign of agreement) . I didn't say anything because I don't need to go into a pointless racist discussion.

I don't try to generalise all Arabs as having anti-Kurdish sentiments, but I can say that there is a majority of Arabs that are born with these sentiments, especially when parents teach their kids racist jokes.

I just wonder who is the dumb here, some Kurds who are tyring to build a democratic soceity in the Middle East, the guys who fight everyday in Najaf & Fallujah, or the Bush Adminstrations that are forcing Kurdistan to be part of Iraq.

Kurdish language is banned in Iraqi Ministry of Defence

An independent Kurdish weekly, Jamawar, has published this week that the Iraqi Defence Ministry has issued a memo banning the Kurdish language. [Source in English]

"[The communiqué] stated that the Kurdish language is not a national language, and must not be used in any establishment of the Ministry," the paper stated. The instruction was sent to Kurdistan, and got away without any challenge by the Kurdish administration. "No Kurd among those who work in the Ministry has challenged the instruction," the paper added.

This is the New Iraq, that the Americans want Kurds to be part of. Banning the Kurdish language in the Defence Ministry, is a racist act, and this will follow by more.
Kurds are not scared of Iraq, Kurds are scared from chauvinistic nationalist people, who see Iraq as a single-ethnic country and links it to be part of a bigger nation, from the Atlantic to the Gulf.
Now trying to make Americans (Who now have the biggest role in rearranging Iraq) , and the international community to understand the dangers that Kurds fear from in Iraq, is like mission impossible.
We are saying "We want independence, because we have tried it ( it = Peaceful United Iraq) already, and we have been trying IT for over 84 years, and all we get, is that we will be seen as guests and visitors in our homelands.
What the Americans are telling us, is that how they get on with each other in their 50 states, but they forget that they all were originally visitors in America.
The Americans try to solve the issues of Iraq as the same way that they solved their problems. They forget that they solved their problems as immigrants, but in Iraq there are indigenous people. Indigenous people are not willing to give up some rights such as lands and languages.
Muqtada Sader is hijacking the spotlights, but once things return to normal (that is if they do) thousands of other problems will come to the stage.

Al-Jazeera, Ansar Al-Islam and some more updates

Recently I asked Medya to give me some facts about the presence of Ansar Islam in Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan. Medya lives in Mariwan, a town near the political border of Iraq and Iran.

A Kurdish newspaper, Hawlati claimed that Ansar Islam are now regrouping in Iran. In its current issue, Hawlati is giving more evidence on Ansar Islam re-grouping, and it also reports some attacks against Kurdish police and some US bases in Kurdistan, which the international media didn't take care much notice of.

Medya has emailed me this : ( the italic lines are my comments)
About Mariwan , no no they (the people) aren't religious at at all . I have many relatives there, for example last time we went on "13 badar " (an old Iranian eve) to there and my aunt made Wine for us ! to drink ! so if they were so religious they wouldn't make wine to celebrate "13 be dar" ! Of course they belive in God and count themselves as Muslims, but not religious . I know Dezle ( A village Hawlati claims that Ansar Islam operates there) , and I know some of dad's relatives are there. I should say something to you , that is abnormal , in Iran , there are Afghans that come from Afghanistan to work in Iran , but they are in Eastern Iran. and you usually can't see Afghans inKurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan) . But recently I saw 2 Afghan in Kurdistan ! with a lot of beard and Afghan clothes . ( Ansar Al-Islam has
many Arab-Afghan members and Afghans are getting captured by Kurdish and
American forces on the border, but you have to differentiate between the
Afghans, and it is very hard, as some of them are coming for pilgrim in Najaf,
and some are coming to join Ansar Al-Islam).
And another thing , there are
some Iraqis behind our house that live in Iran ! They have been here for years.
I think they are Ansar al Islam ! and Iran gives free house to them to live in . (According to Hawlati, Iran does support the Ansar Islam fighters
financially, but we can't come to a conclusion that every Arab Iraqi living in
Iran is a member of Ansar Al-Islam).

I guess the Americans are also realising the Ansar Al-Islam danger in Kurdistan. Recently, I saw some American Marines on TV with a couple of computers in Halabja, (Halabja was a hot spot for Islamic extremists in the 1990s after the chemical attack) , and they have also promised to develop the areas around Halabja and Hawraman (Hawraman is an area with Hawrami Kurds, they speak a different dialect of Kurdish and plus speak official Kurdish, mountains are everywhere, Ansar Al-Islam was here in 2001) I guess they have learnt
that poverty attracts terrorism !

Al-Jazeera is closed down finally ! I hoped for this a while ago. And my wish came true ! Al-Jazeera has to learn the
differences between free press and threatening press !

Bush should use his exist strategy as Iraq comes to a deadlock

Sometimes in life, you come to situations where you end up in a deadlock, and you can't do what you wanted to do. The best thing is to choose something that puts you back on track.

Imagine this, you are driving on a nice road, nice speed, your radio is on, when suddenly, you see a big house on the middle of your road and you can't do nothing about it.
What ordinary people do is , make a U-turn, or sometimes say a few bad words then finally make a U-turn.
There is nothing wrong with U-turns in situations like that. Because basically you can't just drive into a house.

What the Bush Adminstration was doing is more similar to driving into a deadlock. First, it was very nice and easy, 21 days and Baghdad fell, a few more months , Saddam Hussein sons killed, a few more months Saddam Hussein got captured....and since 2004 ?! the deadlock has started....
It is almost one year, continuous fighting in Iraq goes on, everyday there is bombing, there is street fighting, there is air-strikes, there are casualties, etc etc , and Bush calls it a victory !!

What kind of victory is this ?
You know, I see Bush's strategy in Iraq as this, imagine Bush is the driver of our nice car at the deadlock, what he does there is just to drive into the house several times, then he realises that he can't make his way, so he tells the house owner to open the door, then drives in, he then finds another wall, and another wall .....Then he realises that walls are all over the place, what should he do ? make a U-turn... But, by the time he realises that he had to make a U-turn in the first place, it will be too late, he has already destroyed the entire house, and he has already smashed his car ! Nice one Georgey ...

With the continuous violence in Iraq, even after the establishment of the Iraqi government, the best exist strategy for Iraq is the 3-State Plan ( I don't know what to call it because USA has tried all the plans even Plan Z) ...
I know some of you out there will say "Oh you are a Kurd you want independence".. Then I would say "Of course I want independence, just because I am glued to some troubled full-of-violence region that doesn't mean I can't say GET ME OUT OF HERE "... Even the Shias are now thinking about creating their own federation, the South federation (including Basra, Diwaniya and Ammara I guess)...

So Mr. President, Get us and yourself out of here !!

The new Iraqi National Anthem

So far, this is the best Iraqi National Anthem. Almost everyone in Iraq & Kurdistan is singing this song !

Y' al-Purtaqalaaaaaaa

I prefer Ali Al-Baghdadi rather the other guy ! But both are good !

P.S. Dr. Allawi please change the current Baathiest Iraqi anthem to Al-Purtaqala ! At least we all know the words of Al-Purtaqala !!

What the Iraqi government has for Kurds ? Talk & Talk and more talks, and more empty promises...

Since the establishment of the Iraqi state by the Britons in 1921, and the forced annexing of Kurdistan to Iraq, the Iraqi government officials have promised, and promised, and promised Kurds that they will be given their guaranteed self-determination-rights in Iraq.

They promised in 1921, 1931, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1970, 1974, 1983, 2003 and finally 2004.

We have heard recently a few good positive comments from the Iraqi officials in the last few weeks. But if we compare these comments to the previous promises which was given to Kurds we see no difference.

So why we should believe in something, that we have heard for over and over for almost 84 years ?

First of all, the Iraqi officials come to the Kurdistani areas which has no trouble at all, and promise us that we will not lose our self-rule. While they go to the areas where we have problem and promise that we don't get anything.

The Iraqi Minister of Immigration and Nationality, has recently said that Arab settlers who were brought to change the demographics of Kirkuk by Saddam Hussein will not go back to their original homes in southern Iraq.

Arabisation campaign was a programmed ethnic-cleansing which has its harsh consequences in the international courts. But has Saddam Hussein being charged with ethnic-cleansing ? No.

We hear the Iraqi officials, from time to time saying "Kirkuk is a smaller Iraq" . Now most of the Kurdish refugees who now live in tents under this killing heat, while their Arab brothers enjoy their houses in Kirkuk.
Kirkuk is not a smaller Iraq. If the Iraqi officials want to solve the Kirkuk issue before it explodes, they could call it "A smaller Kurdistan".

For almost a year all the Human Rights organisations and the Kurdish communities and parties are demanding the CPA to solve the Kirkuk issue.

What the CPA and the American Admin Paul Bremer did was to set up a few courts, ONLY one or two in Kirkuk, to resolve almost 250 000 cases.
Imagine if a cout takes one week to solve one issue, that would be about 250 000 weeks. Perhaps in year 3000 the issue of Kirkuk will be solved. (without appeals).

''If these property disputes are not addressed as a matter of urgency, rising tensions between returning Kurds and Arab settlers could soon explode into open violence'', said Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of HRW's Middle East and North Africa division.

The report notes that the U.S.-led CPA essentially failed to address any of these issues or to implement a strategy to resolve claims. (from the same report).

Nothing has been done in Kirkuk. The Kurdish refugees are getting very very impatient. They have been living in tents for ages, some since the 1960s. They can't take it anymore. They have been waiting for about 2 years, and nothing has been done.
If the Iraqi president or anyone else tries to calm them down by telling them "patience is virtue", I would suggest that they would come and live in one of these tents for ONLY 24 hours under this heat, with no electricity or water, or a proper W.C. Then they will realise that impatience is really virtue.