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Allawi's government, a state with no real power 
Since the installment of the US-UN selected Iraqi government headed by Ayad Allawi in Baghdad, no real commitments have been given to the Iraqi people.
Allawi's government has no real power,  yes it might be early (only 2 weeks now) but there are some serious matters which doesn't depend on time.

For example, last week a Turkish Intelligence Team (MIT) came to Kirkuk (invited by Jalal Talabani head of PUK) , they investigated the situation in Kirkuk, and they went back to Turkey saying "Kurds are trying to change the demographics of Kirkuk by setting up humanitarian aid, cleaning the streets, and giving services" etc.

OK. Is Kirkuk an Iraqi city or a Turkish city ? if Kirkuk is an Iraqi city, why Allawi's government didn't oppose the arrival of the Turkish Intelligence Team.
What does sovereignty mean anyway ? If a country can't stop a neighbouring Intelligence Team to work in its borders, what kind of sovereignty is that ?
(Yes Turkey we are trying to return the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk, we have no shame in that. We are proud to return to Kirkuk, now if ANYONE opposes the return of the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk, they support Saddam's Arabisation campaign and that means they support Saddam Hussein. Allawi tell this to the Turkish generals AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Kirkuk is for everyone... We hope to see some Chinese restaurants in Kirkuk soon..does Turkey oppose that too ?!! )
A photo of Kirkuk under Allawi's government. Are the Turkish generals unhappy about cleaning Kirkuk's streets ?!
Another example. The Arabic satellite channel, Al-Jazeera, broadcasts anti-Iraqi messages all the time. They show terrorist people kidnapping innocents, and threatening to behead them. Why Allawi's government don't kick Al-Jazeera out ?
Al-Jazeera is violating freedom of press. Al-Jazeera is a threat to Iraq's security. Why not stop them ?
Why should American Collin Powell condemn Al-Jazeera why not Allawi's government ? 

These examples don't need time to prove it that a government has real sovereign or not. Allawi's government is nothing more than a cartoonic figure.

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