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I have decided to sleep until "Ashti" arrives..I beleive "Amal" is still there to support me.
I usually talk during my sleep. So I might do that here too.
Meanwhile, check out the other Kurdistani blogs for more updates from Kurdistan while I am taking a nap.

Ashti = (Peace) in Kurdish
Amal = (Hope) in Arabic.

Who is behind this ?
I can't believe it.....The number of people who are trying to create civil wars in Kurdistan & Iraq are very huge..

On the top of the list, the democratic repubic of Turkey. Fayrouz (Iraqi Chaldean if I'm not wrong) sent me this to read.

To those who want to see us killing each other, especially that neighbouring democratic country, it won't happen. Never ever never ! The walls are everywhere ! so start smashing your heads on them.

I think it is time to have this image as a banner all over the country.

Direct Link to see the image

I spent half an hour writing something about Tell Afar but when I pressed Publish Post it gave me an error page. Now I can't find it. FINE BLOGGER.COM ! You took away my post. I am off.

Najma is jelous because her cousin Raghda is in Kurdistan on vacation and she has to take care of her newborn nephew :(

Najma, imagine swimming here.

Before the war, the Iraqi government (Saddam) wouldn't allow any Arabs (or those who weren't born in Sulaimania, Duhok or Erbil (Hawler) to enter Kurdistan.

After the war, tourism business has boosted in Kurdistan. During the summer, all the hotels were very very busy (and still).
Before the war, Kurds used to visit Baghdad for vacations or for treatment. After the war, Kurds don't dare to approach Baghdad (despite that some people still go for treatments or visiting families, but not like before the war).

This US soldier describes Kurdistan as "North California". I have never seen California but I guess I know what it looks like now.

Don't also forget to have a burger at our local Madonal (Not McDoland) ;)

P.S. condolences for the victims of 11-Sep-2001 in USA and 11-Sep-1961 in Koya-Kurdistan (The photos are from a US soldier's photoblog THANK YOU .

Where is the Kurdistan border?
I have noticed that most people don't know the borders of Kurdistan (I am talking about Iraqi Kurdistan) . Well, when you drive from Baghdad towards North, you just drive in a straight line. When you have to turn your wheels because of the geography of the region (not just for fun), that is the borders of Kurdistan. That location is around Hamreen Mountain, which is also part of the Zagros Mountains.

In Kirkuk, Iraq`s property claims commission for disputed land in oil-rich northern Iraq has failed to process a single claim, despite more than 167,400 people re-settling in dozens of refugee camps since March alone, a US commander said.
Are these people liberated ?! It is now officially One year and 4 months since it was declared that "Iraqis are liberated". Anyways, these people don't feel liberated at all. There are more than 100 000 living in tents while their original houses are being occupied in Kirkuk.

A nice incident from Khanaqeen (Also Oil-rich and was subjected to the Arabisation campaign), Khanaqeen was originally part of Kirkuk, but because Kurds make up the majority, the Iraqi government removed it from the borders of Kirkuk governate and gave it to Diyala governate. So despite liberations Khanaqeen is still part of Diyala.
Anyways, the mayor of Diyala (Known to be a nationalist Arab), held a meeting with the people of Khanaqeen yesterday. He was insisiting on the return of the Arab settlers to Khanaqeen (whom Saddam brought to Khanaqeen since 1963 to 2003 to turn it into an Arab city), he faced a feirce resistance from the people of the town.

He said "Please, winter is coming, what should they do? " One of the town people asked "So there is no place in whole Iraq for those settlers apart from Khanaqeen ?! Why not let them go to their original houses in south Iraq ?! The Diyala Mayor went speechless. Yeah Democracy Rocks !

These Arab settlers don't even consider themsleves to be from Khanaqeen. They don't bury their deads in Khanaqeen, but they will take them to south Iraq. So I think they were just being used as tools in the Arabisation campaign. Most of them are innocents being used as pawns against other innocents. Why not let things go back to normal ?!

Woman Activist Chooses to be Wife Number 3...My views on the Iraqi President & Minister marriage.

This news was some kind of started as a rumour in Kurdistan a while ago, but one of the news websites have actually confirmed the Iraqi presidential marriage.
Now the Kurdish newspaper ASO has confirmed the marriage. Ayad Allawi, the Iraqi PM, was the witness of honour.
Now a few backgrounds on the groom & bride. The groom (Ghazi Al-Yawar, Iraqi president) has 2 wives and and has 4 children and is 46.

Nesrine Barwari, is graduated from Harvard University and is 34(according to IslamOnline and 38 according to ASO) , she is a women activist.
Now here is the debate, how can a women activist accept to be the third wife ? This sounds like a communist going to mosque, or a Jihadist listening to Rock & Roll.

Nesrin Barwari is a feminist, she has fought hard to get more women's rights in the Iraqi constitution. But now she blows it all by accepting to be a third wife.

Ladies and gentlemen, all I have to say to Iraqi Women is, God Help You ! Your defender has married to a man with not just a wife, but a double. So make up your own minds !

I wonder what can you do with 3 wives ! ;)

Update :
Iraqi President Marries Third Wife (he already has 2, now this is the third)

World of Confusion

Sorry guys Izzat Duri is not captured "Yet" (I love that "Yet") .
A series of mis-information is hitting Iraq right now. First Izzat Duri, now there are rumours that the current Iraqi President (Ghazi Al-Yawar) and Public Works Minister (Nesrin Barwari) have got married.
Water levels in Dukan & Darbandikhan Lakes have decreased by %40. This means electricity for Sulaimani city will decrease by %50 from today (12 hours a day now). I just don't know why an oil-rich coutry like this should depend on water for electricity. Burn that oil.

For Kirkuk news, this website, which almost looks like a blog, could be very useful. (Updated daily)

Izzat Duri Captured !

I know it is very late, but there are rumours going around that Izzat Duri has been captured. I have no confirmation but several Iraqi websites qoute Iraqi officials confirming that the Ice Man is captured.

Congratulations all Iraqis !

Hope it is true. Back to sleep now.


Yes it was true ! I just saw the reports now on Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabia. I heard about this yesterday evening but I thought it was a rumour. I stayed up till late watching Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabia etc but there was no news. I found that site that I posted earlier.

Who said we have no friends ?

Gerald A. Honigman writes:

Regardless, while Dr. Rice was delivering her words of wisdom regarding the necessity of creating a 22nd or 23rd state for Arabs in the region (second--not first--Arab one within the original 1920 borders Mandatory Palestine) at the Institute of Peace, she totally shot down questions relating to Kurdish fears, anxieties, and aspirations in Iraq. Here’s some of what she had to say about those Arab aspirations, however:

"The President believes that the Palestinian people deserve not merely their own state, but a just and democratic state that serves their interests and fulfills their decent aspirations."
Despite the bloodshed and turmoil in the Arab areas of Iraq; despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Kurds have been killed by Iraqi and other Arabs over the decades; despite the fact that the Kurds have been marked as traitors because of their close ties to America; despite the fact that the most stable and democratic areas in Iraq are in the Kurdish areas...indeed, despite all of this and more, Dr. Rice brushed off a question regarding a Kurdish referendum on independence (which showed that at least 80% of the Kurds wanted this) with the following disdain:

"...It’s the role of leadership to convince people that they really ought to stay in the same body."

A sickening disgrace.

Arabs' aspirations for another state in Palestine "despite having another 22" are legitimate. But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, ours are not.

Two more Nepalis killing photos

I have 2 more photos of the terrorist mass-killing of the innocent Nepalis. Yesterday I looked at the Ansar Al-Sunnah website and I found the photos. I have saved about 5 on my PC, because I knew that CIA dudes will close down their website. But I had a feeling that we had to expose these terrorists. The world should see the actions of these monsters and we must be determined in terminating them.

The unhumanity of these people must be exposed. Dilnareen says today :

I would seriously like to know when turbans became a substitute for brains, and why instead of spending years exploring theology we just need to put on some rags and suddenly change into purveyors of religion.
Graphic Photos Beware :

I read the comments section, and some people were against publishing the photos, and some were with it, but majority were with the photos...so if you don't want to see these photos, please click here now...

They beheaded this innocent man and.....

shot the rest....