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Two more Nepalis killing photos

I have 2 more photos of the terrorist mass-killing of the innocent Nepalis. Yesterday I looked at the Ansar Al-Sunnah website and I found the photos. I have saved about 5 on my PC, because I knew that CIA dudes will close down their website. But I had a feeling that we had to expose these terrorists. The world should see the actions of these monsters and we must be determined in terminating them.

The unhumanity of these people must be exposed. Dilnareen says today :

I would seriously like to know when turbans became a substitute for brains, and why instead of spending years exploring theology we just need to put on some rags and suddenly change into purveyors of religion.
Graphic Photos Beware :

I read the comments section, and some people were against publishing the photos, and some were with it, but majority were with the photos...so if you don't want to see these photos, please click here now...

They beheaded this innocent man and.....

shot the rest....

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