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Iraqi Interior Minister : Kurds are free to choose their own separate state

The Iraqi Interior Minister stated that Kurds are free in deciding to separate from Iraqi state. "We shall honour their demand," he said. "But such a scenario is not emerging. However, they are still free to make such a decision," the Iraqi Foreign Minister Falah Al-Naqib stated in an interview to the London-based Arabic daily, Asharq al-Awsat, on Thursday.
About secession of Kurdistan, Al-Naqib said, "The Kurdish people rule themselves under an independent administration. If they choose no to be part of the Iraqi nation, we respect that decision. We do not impose living together on them and we do not want to be their opponent." He also added that oppressing a people that wish to have an independent state is not one of their options. [

This is what I call, the new positive signs that a democratic Iraq would emerge. I don't know whether they are acting or not, but the new Iraqi figures, especially the UN-US selected president and the Interior Minister and some more, have proven that they really work hard for democracy.

If you impose your wills on people, like the Americans and the Kurdish-view of axis of evil (Syria-Turkey-Iran) , you won't get anything and you won't solve anything.

The Bush administrations kept repeating "We will not allow an independent Kurdistan, even if it was in a democratic way"...This is to comfort their follow partners Turkey, and its tails, Iran & Syria.

But comments like the Iraqi Interior Minister's ones, actually helps to solve the current tensions. This guy says "OK you are free to have your own state, but if you want more fun, we could work out something from Iraq, building a new European style country, but at the end of the day, it is your choice"..

In return, this makes Kurds think "hmmm it is nice to have a state of your own, something to call home, but if you could have that, and in the same time, have access to the sea, and be part of a bigger European style country in the Middle East, hmmmm build a new democracy on a federation style, hmmmmm why not give it a try ?!"

10 out of 10 to the Iraqi Interior Minister.

HealingIraq has just restarted blogging. I was thinking that Iraq's wounds are too deep that it can't heal , and they are getting deeper and deeper by day, but Zeyad's new post gives new hopes.

Also, in an interview with the Kurdish weekly ASO , the selected Iraqi president has said that they are working to change the current Iraqi flag. He says that he wants the flag to be changed in a democratic way, not like the one in April, which was chosen without anyone's notice.

Who is got to hold Iraq's unity ?

Before everything, I would like to thank all those who have sent me emails, and all those who have left their comments on my small blog.

I also thank  ALL the great journalists who are risking their life so that the world be updated about the news in Iraq.  Without you, our voices will be buried.

I have received an email from an Arab Iraqi living in the United Kingdom. He has sent me a good story which I would like to publish because this will explain a lot (with your permission Kaka Ali with a little censor). He has also sent me a photo of himself and his Kurdish girlfriend :) I was very happy when I read his email. That is why I want to share it.

Living in the UK, being in the minority and always treated badly by some British  people, I told my dad something. Baba why the British only have 5% of their country as foreigners, and always complain, when Iraq has 20%, but we don't.
He said to me who are the 20% foreigners in Iraq. I said the Kurds. He looked at me then answered me "the Kurds are as much Iraqi as you" he said. " Kurds are brave people who have fought for the greatness of Iraq".
Since then I have always viewed Kurds as my brothers, I have yet to meet an Arab who does not see the Kurds as an Iraqi, and it hurts me to see the Kurds wanting independence. I fully support your fight for federal Iraq, do not forget that 1 million Kurds live in Baghdad in peace without harassment, and if you mention the Arab government that treated you badly, let me remind you what happended to the marsh Arabs or the Arabs of the south, I have lost 6 cousins to that regime.

If you read Ali's story you will realise where Iraq goes wrong. It is not the people, not the country, but the political governments.
I am more willing than any Iraqi Arab to see a free, democratic, parliamentary federal Iraq. But in order to rebuild Iraq, the mistakes which have been repeated for over 83 years should not be repeated.

Kurds would not think about independence IF Iraq becomes a multi-ethnic country. For example, most Arabs still call Iraq "An Arab country".. Well if Iraq is Arabic then, that means we as Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, Chaldeans etc have no business in Iraq because we are not Arabs. We want to feel that we are sharing something because we are the indigenous people of the Mesopotamia.
But if Iraq becomes a free, democratic, multi-ethnic, parliamentary federation, then I am very sure that it will remain united.

So in order to show good wills that the "New Iraq" is a multi-ethnic (though Iraq is still part of the Arab League and some Iraqi football commentators say "Our Arab homeland" ) , real actions should be taken from the Iraqis.
The very first commitment from Iraqis should be changing the Iraqi flag to a flag that reflects Iraq's 5000 history, its rich ethnic groups, its culture, (not the current flag which shows the failed union between Iraq & Syria & Egypt)...


Does the Iraqi government read blogs and newspapers ?
I just wonder if the Iraqi government do actually give a damn about what ordinary people think about their role as a governing body.
In Kurdistan, you could say that journalism have some affects. Esepcially with newspapers such as Hawlati  and political comic magazines such as Sekhurma, what about the Iraqi government ?

Recently, I had a go at the new Iraqi government. Accusing them of being too weak. But in the last few days, the Iraqi Foreign Minister and the former KDP spokesman has repeated what I mentioned in my criticism of the Iraqi government.

First, on 16th of July 2004, regarding the Turkish intervention in Kirkuk,  I asked if "Kirkuk an Iraqi city or a Turkish city ?" 
Zebari has asked the Turkish Foreign Minister the same question on 21st of July 2004.  [link in Arabic].  [link in English]

My other hint regarding that the Iraqi government was too weak was the Arabic Sattelite Channel Al-Jazeera.  I asked :

Al-Jazeera is violating freedom of press. Al-Jazeera is a threat to Iraq's security. Why not stop them ?
Yesterday, the same dude, Hoshyar Zebari, has actually made another comment regarding the Al-Jazeera's role in boosting terrorism.
Here is what he has to say :
"Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Al-Manar and Al-Alam have all become channels of incitement and opposed to the interests, security and stability of the Iraqi people," Zebari told Al-Jazeera television yesterday. [link]
I was surprised ! Does the Iraqi Foriegn Minister know that Bloggger.Com exists ? Or are these issues concern everyone so everyone knows ?

Why Bremer didn't do anything regarding these issues for the last 12 months that he ruled ? Is it because he wasn't reading the Iraqi blogs and hence wasn't listening to wha the people wanted or was it because he was unable to understand the politics of the Middle East ?!!
Questions I can never answer.
I am just happy that two things I pointed out 2 weeks ago are now being solved. Good man Zebari !!

An independence march and some other stuff...
Yesterday 24th of July 2004, there was another independence march in Sulaimani, held by around 500-1000 Kurdish intellectuals.

The protesters ignored the PUK warnings on not to hold the march. The Kurdish intellectuals demanded an independent Kurdistan with the Kurdistani city of Kirkuk as its capital.  Happily, AFP was there to report as well.
Independence demand is increasing among Kurds especially after the UN-US ignored the Kurdish demands to recognise the Iraqi Interium Constitution in the United Nations' resolution regarding the power handover to Iraq.

There is another Kurdish blogger on board, Kardox,  check out this blog for the some corruption related issues in the Kurdish adminstrations.

Karda,  has watched the controversial "Fahrenhiet 9/11" movie.  He is making a comparison between George W. Bush (the guy who I find funny) and Saddam Hussein (the guy who I find sad).
Perhaps President Bush can make a living as a comedian after he loses his election (that is if he loses ). 
I also hope that our current leaders in Kurdistan will lose the upcoming elections. We have had enough of them for almost 14 years.  Even if we were married we would have divorved ages ago.
Bring on the peaceful regime-changes ! Elections !

Kurdistan Updates :

Peshmargas capture stolen Sumerian treasure

The Peshmargas at a checkpoint near Kalar (a town near Kirkuk) have caputed an Iraqi Arab doctor with 2 children toys.
They get suspicious about the doctor with 2 children toys. They decide to open up the toys. . They find 11 stolen Summerian old pieces. The doctor was planning to sell the items in Kalar so that it can be shipped to Iran.  [source

Al-Yawar visits Halabja
The current US-UN selected Iraqi president Ghazi Al-Yawar visited Halabja yesterday and reassured Kurds that a federal Iraq is not just the wish of the Kurds, but it is the wish of all the ethnic groups in Iraq.
Yesterday's visit was the first visit of an Iraqi president to the town where it was bombed by Iraqi chemical weapons nearly 16 years ago.
Al-Yawar has visited the leaders of PUK & KDP in the recent few days in his visit to Kurdistan.

good news so far !

Is new Iraq is an Arabic Iraq ?!
On Sunday, I was excited and all warmed up to watch the Iraq-Uzbekistan football match on one of the Arab sport channels.
After a long wait, the match started. The first line the commentator said was "We are broadcasting the match of our brothers "The Arab Iraqi" team"...
I said hang on a minute I am not an Arab. I have the right to say that I am a Kurd. OK simple. I changed the channel to the Saudi channel. After five minutes, the commentator said "The Arabic Iraqi National Team plays very well but don't score"
I said OK maybe this channel sucks too. There are 6 Million Kurds & around 2 Million (Assyrian-Turkmen-Chaldean etc) in Iraq. Let me change to a channel that really says Iraq is a mixed country and doesn't call it "Arabic".
I changed to another channel, this time the commentator was Iraqi. I got excited again. "Hey that is what I call a commentator. An Iraqi Arab one. Maybe he is different and understands Iraq"
The Uzbekakistani team scored their first goal. The commentator said "Ohhh brave Arab Iraq team are one goal behind"..
This time I got angry. I said to myself "If the new Iraq is for all, then it shouldn't be called Arabic Iraq" . This is because me and another 9 other million people are not Arabs. And we are the indigenous people of this country.

I left the TV and didn't finish watching the game. I heard later that Iraq lost 1-0 to Uzbekistan.  I said I don't care anymore.

This is why, the majority of Kurds support independence. Iraq is and will be an Arabic country. There is no place for us there.

Allawi's government, a state with no real power 
Since the installment of the US-UN selected Iraqi government headed by Ayad Allawi in Baghdad, no real commitments have been given to the Iraqi people.
Allawi's government has no real power,  yes it might be early (only 2 weeks now) but there are some serious matters which doesn't depend on time.

For example, last week a Turkish Intelligence Team (MIT) came to Kirkuk (invited by Jalal Talabani head of PUK) , they investigated the situation in Kirkuk, and they went back to Turkey saying "Kurds are trying to change the demographics of Kirkuk by setting up humanitarian aid, cleaning the streets, and giving services" etc.

OK. Is Kirkuk an Iraqi city or a Turkish city ? if Kirkuk is an Iraqi city, why Allawi's government didn't oppose the arrival of the Turkish Intelligence Team.
What does sovereignty mean anyway ? If a country can't stop a neighbouring Intelligence Team to work in its borders, what kind of sovereignty is that ?
(Yes Turkey we are trying to return the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk, we have no shame in that. We are proud to return to Kirkuk, now if ANYONE opposes the return of the Kurdish refugees to Kirkuk, they support Saddam's Arabisation campaign and that means they support Saddam Hussein. Allawi tell this to the Turkish generals AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Kirkuk is for everyone... We hope to see some Chinese restaurants in Kirkuk soon..does Turkey oppose that too ?!! )
A photo of Kirkuk under Allawi's government. Are the Turkish generals unhappy about cleaning Kirkuk's streets ?!
Another example. The Arabic satellite channel, Al-Jazeera, broadcasts anti-Iraqi messages all the time. They show terrorist people kidnapping innocents, and threatening to behead them. Why Allawi's government don't kick Al-Jazeera out ?
Al-Jazeera is violating freedom of press. Al-Jazeera is a threat to Iraq's security. Why not stop them ?
Why should American Collin Powell condemn Al-Jazeera why not Allawi's government ? 

These examples don't need time to prove it that a government has real sovereign or not. Allawi's government is nothing more than a cartoonic figure.

Kurdish newspaper claims that IRAN is aiding Ansar Al-Islam
A famous independent Kurdish weekly, Hawlati, has claimed yesterday, 14th of July 2004, that Iran is aiding Ansar Al-Islam terrorist group in Iranian Kurdistan.

The paper says, according to some sources in Iran, Ansar Al-Islam is regrouping in Iranian Kurdistan, just east to the boarder to Iraqi Kurdistan. The paper claims that "Italaat" (Iranian Secret Services) and another sub-Al-Qaeda group is behind training terrorist Ansar Al-Islam.

Hawlati says that Ansar Islam is training in Iranian Kurdistan, and they are also pumping up Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan against the USA and the west.

In Mariwan, a Kurdish city on the border of Iraqi-Iranian Kurdistan, Arab Afghan members of Ansar Al-Islam are very active. (Arab-Afghan means the Arabs who went to fight Russia in the 70s and 80s and settled in Afghanistan).
Hawlati says that Iran has chosen Iranian-Kurdistan to train Ansar Al-Islam, so that they can be close to Iraq, and also to turn the Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan against the Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan.

A witness (Gulala Saihi) 25 years, says that she has fled to Iran when the Americans bombed Ansar Islam bases in Hawraman, Iraqi Kurdistan. She says that her arrival on the Iraqi-Iranian border, the Iranians have collected the Ansar Islam members and their families, and took them in special cars, while the other Kurds were not let into Iran.

Hawlati says that Ansar Al-Islam is now based in Baramawa village, close to Mariwan city in Iranian Kurdistan.
My friend and follow Kurdish blogger, Medya, lives in Mariwan. I would like him to update me and you on this. Medya, do you have any other information about Baramawa village and the presence of Ansar-Al-Islam in Iranian Kurdistan ?!
The article is very long. I can translate it if people want. But I want to keep this as interactive as it can be.

Let's wait for Medya and his special report. Medya, we are waiting for you.

The Islamic Kurdish parties.

Image taken from Komall.org, it says, one year of imprisonment, one year of injustice..Yes to free Ali Bapir
Komall (Group) is one of the Islamic Kurdish parties which were set up after the "Islamic Movement of Kurdistan" split up.

Not many people support the Kurdish Islamic parties, about %90 of Kurds (if that is the right percentage) don't support the Islamic parties.
They are supported by a minority of conservative Kurds, but their support has decreased after the Americans have arrived ... In February 2003, the PUK (which have clashed several times with the Kurdish Islamic parties), told Komall , leave your locations in Hallabja the Americans will bomb Ansar Islam.
Most of the Komall members were relocated. In summer 2003, the Americans coordinately with PUK, captured Ali Bapir, the leader of Kurdish Islamic Group (Komall).

Komall accuses PUK of helping the Americans in capturing their leader. Here is what they say on their website :
It is a great sin in Islam and is very shameful in Human and Kurdish morals to invite people to catch him

It sounds a bit desperate. Because PUK couldn't do anything against the Islamic parties in the 1990s, especially when they had Iran behind them. Now the Americans in Kurdistan support the PUK, the Iranian support for the Kurdish Islamic parties have decreased.
I don't support any of the Kurdish Islamic parties and I suggest that their powers must be limited. Politics and religions should be separated. But Ali Bapir, shouldn't be held illegally. Let them bring him to court and see if he is guilty or not.

25 000 Peshmargas to be distributed in Baghdad, Mosul & Kirkuk.

The London-based famous Arabic daily newspaper, Al-Hayat, says that his sources in Iraq has been told that PUK & KDP have agreed to distribute 25 000 Peshmargas around Baghdad, Mosul, and Kirkuk, in coordination with the new Iraqi government.

I don't know whether Hayat tells the truth of not, but Dr. Barham Salih, the former Kurdistan Prime Minister, is now responsible for Iraq's security.

The Kurdish Peshmargas are now an organised army. We have military colleges, which doesn't just accept anyone to be a Peshmarga. In the past, Peshmargas were fighting voluntarily. But now the army is organised.
The Kurdish intelligence is at its best today. The Peshmargas intelligence has been the source for capturing Saddam Hussein, his aid Taha Yassin Ramathan and many more.
The Kurdish intelligence has also been able to stop some of the terrorist attacks which was planned to be carried out in Kurdistan (such as the Sulaimani incident last week)..

The irony is, no one would have expected that the outlaws who were fighting for their freedom in the mountains of Kurdistan could actually be responsible for Baghdad's security.

I would support this deployment only if they are actually helping, but I doubt that. Because the Arabs are very sensitive when it comes to Kurds. This gives a great opportunity for pro-Saddam channels such as Al-Jazeera to incite Arabs against Kurds.

Dilnareen is having a go at the Anti-war protesters, worth having a look at :)

A Child Abuser Becomes President of Children Rights Protection Group in Iraq

First, I'd like to apologies that I am not posting the "Reality of Kurdish Democracy" today, because something else has caught my attention.

I was surfing through some Kurdish websites, when I saw the website of Children First in Kurdistan & Iraq. I saw the face of a former teacher, Sherzad Fatih. I clicked on his video, I saw him talking about "Children's rights"..I was stunned for the first few seconds that I haven't seen a person for so long and suddenly he is now a president of children's rights.

I don't like to go private, but let me give you some information on the history of Sherzad Fatih.
As one of his former students, he was the most brutal teacher at a boys' secondary school in one of the cities in Kurdistan in the 1990s (I don't want to give personal details about him, i.e. which school or which city or which subjects he was teaching".

The secondary school had school boys from 12-17 years of olds.

He was known of his brutal techniques in teaching, he was known as "Saddam Hussein" of the school. I was never being beaten by him, because I was a good student, but I was witnessing him beating other children on a daily basis. It was part of his technique, he was beating children to make them learn.

Because of Shirzad Fatih's and many mores false techniques, the number of school drop outs in the Middle East are very high.

Basically, if you hadn't done your homework, Shirzad Fatih was going to beat you.
Now Shirzad Fatih is the president of protecting children's rights. I just wonder, how can a child abuser protect children's rights ?

I am sure there are many more students who have suffered at the hands of Shirzad Fatih.
I have emailed the Chidlren's First, and I would like them to set up an enquiry about Shirzad Fatih's past.
At least, Shirzad Fatih can give an apology to the thousands of children he had abused, yet to those who he is supposed to protect.

Please let's all work TRULY to protect Iraq's children.

Send emails to

Sherzad Fatih : Sherzad_f@yahoo.com , president of Children's Rights Protection in Kurdistan.

Children's First : childrenfirstinternational@yahoo.ca

What Kurds want at this moment

When I say "What Kurds want" I mean Kurds in general, but specifically I am talking about the Kurds in Iraqi (south) Kurdistan.

The hottest issue is the reunification of the Kurdish administrations. Currently there are two Kurdistan governments (strange huh ?!)...The PUK controls Sulaimani and some parts of Erbil (Hawler) governate, the KDP controls Erbil and Duhok governates. Both Kurdish parties have influence in Kirkuk but Kirkuk is still under the control of the (New) Iraqi government.

Since 1994, the united Kurdistan Regional Government split up between KDP and PUK. In 1998, when both parties decided to end the civil war, they decided to reunify their governments (but today is 2004 and nothing has happened).

People are very angry at the Kurdish parties. Kurds now think "Why we blame the west and Iran/Turkey/Iraq/Syria for dividing Greater Kurdistan while PUK/KDP have divided South Kurdistan into 2 pieces ?

What Kurds want now is the reunification of the Kurdish administrations, a fair general elections in Kurdistan, and actually practicing democracy as well as stopping the massive corruption in the both Kurdish administrations.

Next : The reality of the Kurdish democracy

Some good news !

Al-Yawar, the current selected Iraqi president has said that "Federalism for Kurdistan is a fact and that he is one of the biggest supporters for Kurdish self-rule"..

Dilnareen, one of the commentators here has blogged for the first time at KBU

A 16 year old girl has started blogging from Mosul as well.

Also, Aaysh (Kurdish PUK security forces) have shot dead a suicide-bomber with 400 Kg of explosions. The suicide bomber was a 19 year old boy.
He was aiming for the Sulaimani Palace Hotel (a place full of Americans and Foreigners) in Sulaimani center.
The suicide bomber was Kurdish (Yes a terrorist Kurd) ! and these are his filty pictures ( courtesy of PUK-Media)

Happy Terrorist :

Good Terrorist :

His Car :

Halabja, Saddam , and US & UK

One of the photos which became a symbol for the Halabja gas attack. Omar Khawar, father, tries to protect his daughter (less than one year)..But they both die and freeze..

One of the seven charges that guarantees Saddam Hussein, imprisonment for life or execution, is his ordering of a gas attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja on 16th of March 1988.

During the hearing, Saddam denied the allegations and said that he had read about the massacre in a newspaper.

Halabja , was the word which was used every minute and then by President Bush, and PM Tony Blair when they were preparing to stage a war on Iraq.

Everytime these 2 men were asked, "What is your proof that Saddam has WMD?" The answer was "Halabja "..

An inquiry report in 1996 by Lord Justice Scott in what came to be known as the arms-to-Iraq affair gave dramatic pointers to what followed after Halabja . After the use of poison gas in 1988 both the United States and Britain began to supply Saddam Hussein with even more chemical weapons. [Link] [Thank You USA & UK ]

The CIA officer Stephen C. Pelletiere was the agency's senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. As professor at the Army War College from 1988 to 2000, he says that Saddam hasn't attacked Halabja but it was the Iranians. [Link]

Saddam Hussein didn't have the capability of developing Weapons of Mass Destrcution without the help of the west, and particularly USA, UK, Germany, France and Russia.

Not just Saddam Hussein is involved in Halabja , there are many more sides. A fair and public trial MUST include all of the sides responsible for that massacre.

Only Good Wills please !!!

I was watching the trial of Saddam & Co. on Al-Jazeera ...I sighed (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) for a minute..I remembered so much of our lost lives..

I remembered the day we had to flee to the mountains in April 1991...We all were scared of these men.....These men who we saw looked like trash infront of that brave young Iraqi judge...

I remember when we used to see their faces on TV..They were acting like gods....They were all dying their hairs black, wearing the best suit, thinking they are the most important people on Earth.

I remember their pictures everywhere...I remembered their barbaric killings of innocent Kurds in Halabja, their barbaric ethnic cleansing of (Anfal)..

I still remember Chemical Ali's face shouting "I will terminate all Kurds"...I still remember his face beating Shias to death in southern Iraq... I still remember and remember and remember much of their crimes...

This proves it, that no matter how harsh you get, you can't terminate any nations.. You can't terminate any freedom-loving thoughts..
May Saddam Hussein & Co. be an example to the rest of humanity... No matter how strong you are, no matter how much weapons you have, no matter who you are, where you from, only good wills will help you to survive..
You can not terminate anyone...You can not suppress anyone forever...
(I hope that the army generals in Turkey, the Mullahs in Iran, the Baathiests in Syria, the Kazakhistani dictator, the Al-Qaeda terrorists, and many more...Hear this plea..)

P.S. I have unilaterally established the Kurdistan Bloggers Union blog, so that we can help to increase the number of Kurdish bloggers who blog in English, to increase the interactions between the west and Kurds, as well as to show a diverse views of Kurds (not just Kurdo's controversial posts lol)

Saddam In Court

Regarding the above title, Kurds are jubilant to see Saddam Hussein in court, the man who thought that he could terminate the Kurdish people.
Saddam Hussein is accused of 7 chargers. Four them are related to Kurds. Of them :

1) Anfal campaign against Kurds, late 1980s
2) Gassing Kurds in Halabja, 1988
3)Crushing Kurdish and Shia rebellions after 1991 Gulf War
4) Massacring members of Kurdish Barzani tribe in 1980s
5)Killing political activists over 30 years (general for all but Kurds had the highest share)

Last two charges are the invasion of Kuwait, and the killing of religious leaders.

So Kurds are the most jubilant people on Earth to see him in court, after they have participated in his capture.

Despite that his hearing was muted, I hope that the other court appearances will be public and live on TV.

Congratulations for all the victims of Anfal, the victims of Halabja, the victims of the Kurdish uprising, and all the other victims who have suffered on the hands of Saddam Hussein.

Piroza (Congratulations in Kurdish) !

Saddam's trial and another Kurdish blogger...

While I am waiting to see Sadddam's trial live on tv at 2.30 pm (10.30 GMT) (according to Al-Arabia) , I would like to announce that we now have another Kurdish blogger on board.

Walati's blog is called Free Kurdistan and I hope that he will be another blogger to increase the interactions between the western world and Kurds.

Many Thanks :)


I just heard from Al-Arabiya that the Americans have chosen the journalists..and they will only show an edited version of the 45-minute long of Saddam's trial video..

The video will also be muted.. (soundless).

Are the Americans are trying to hide something from us or what ?

Why not a fair public trial ?!!

I smell something out of this...

Video will be out in very soon...in minutes..


US officials in Iraq don't beleive in democracy themselves..Why Saddam's voice is cut ?

It is us who have been victims of Saddam's rule not the Americans. We want to hear him saying why he did that to us..
Bush Admin is using Saddam's trial as a propaganda tool for his elections.
May I remind our Americans friends that the reason to invade Iraq was to find WMD, not to topple Saddam Hussein, otherwise why not topple Saddam Hussein in 1991 ?? Most of his crimes are commited between 1980-1991.

On Halabja, Saddam has said he had only heard about it on the media... Funny guy..

Again...A big disappointment in the so called American democracy.. We want a public trial..we want to hear his voice... We dont' want a cartoon trial....

Arab militias decide to attack Kurds in the newly liberated Kurdish areas

According to the independent Kurdish newspaper, Hawlati , Arabs have distributed leaflets saying :

First line : Quranic verse.
To the generous Jalawla people ,

From the Iraqi resistance heroes

We will be your guests this week (God willing) in Jalawla so that we can get rid of the treatous Kurds. Please empty your shops from 28/06/2004 until Friday 30th/06/2004.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new Iraq.. The Iraq of hope and peace. Thanks USA !