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The Islamic Kurdish parties.

Image taken from Komall.org, it says, one year of imprisonment, one year of injustice..Yes to free Ali Bapir
Komall (Group) is one of the Islamic Kurdish parties which were set up after the "Islamic Movement of Kurdistan" split up.

Not many people support the Kurdish Islamic parties, about %90 of Kurds (if that is the right percentage) don't support the Islamic parties.
They are supported by a minority of conservative Kurds, but their support has decreased after the Americans have arrived ... In February 2003, the PUK (which have clashed several times with the Kurdish Islamic parties), told Komall , leave your locations in Hallabja the Americans will bomb Ansar Islam.
Most of the Komall members were relocated. In summer 2003, the Americans coordinately with PUK, captured Ali Bapir, the leader of Kurdish Islamic Group (Komall).

Komall accuses PUK of helping the Americans in capturing their leader. Here is what they say on their website :
It is a great sin in Islam and is very shameful in Human and Kurdish morals to invite people to catch him

It sounds a bit desperate. Because PUK couldn't do anything against the Islamic parties in the 1990s, especially when they had Iran behind them. Now the Americans in Kurdistan support the PUK, the Iranian support for the Kurdish Islamic parties have decreased.
I don't support any of the Kurdish Islamic parties and I suggest that their powers must be limited. Politics and religions should be separated. But Ali Bapir, shouldn't be held illegally. Let them bring him to court and see if he is guilty or not.
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