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One year of independence

Of course, Iraqi independence. Not Kurdish one.

Let's see how things have gone after 1 year of independence from American occupation.

1. Iraqi government ? Does it have any control ?
Not outside the Green zone. The suicide bombings in the Green Zone shows that it is about to lose control inside that 1-2 KM zone as well.

2. The American forces.
The American forces are not capable to protect themselves, yet let alone Iraqis. After one year, their task which was meant to be easier, it is now even harder. They have lost control of themselves, and of Iraqis of course.

3. The Kurdistan government.
The suicide bombings in Kurdistan carried out by Kurdish members of the Islamic fanatics shows that the Kurdish government has lost control of what was known as "Iraq's safe haven". On 20th of June, just in 12 hours, there were 3 suicide bombings in Kurdistan. In Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, and Arbeel.

4. The British forces..
They are the only ones to be in control of themselves so far, but they have lost the control of Iraqis...From newspaper reports I read, Basra and southern Iraq are now turning into a Taliban-styled regime ruled by Mullahs.

So where are we today ? What has gone wrong ?

I hate to say I told you so. But I told you so that Iraq will never work. Give Iraq another 100 years, we will be in this same point again.

Break up Iraq now. The therapy to a man who has cancer in his leg, is only to cut that leg and not let it spread throughout the whole body.
Iraq is the same. the cancer of suicide bombing is spreading.
Operation Lighting/Sword/Unknown Soldier/Angry Dude/ Mickey Mouse/ etc will not finish off these people.
For those who don't know, we talking about a serious war. Everyday 100s of people die. This is a serious war we living in. Break up Iraq now for God's sake.
Let's save what's left of Iraq. Let's not watch Iraq die. Let's not watch cancer spreading throughout Iraq. Let's save what's remaining of Iraq.

Enough killing.

my updates

Hello All

I am sorry I haven't been able to keep up with all just like usual. I have been extremly busy with life...doing this and going there ....been away for a while....

Anyways just wanted to give you some updates...

First I would like to apologise for all because my email account is getting funny...The hotmail still haven't upgraded my account to 250 MB....so the account gets jammed from time to time when I receive some mails...
This website have contacted me several times, well as they said on their comments here (more than 1000 times) so that I can be their "Blog" editor. Well this is a great honour for me but I kindly couldn't accept the offer because I am can't do that job....Simply because I am and will be away from the net for long hours and when I get a chance to connect to the world, the timing wouldn't let me read all the Kurdish & Iraqi blogs.
If anyone is interested please do contact them at their website here : "The Kurdistani News".

To make up the troubles my absence created, I offered them to have their logo here. (I hope all those who are upset by me not updating be happy if I offer to show their logos :> )

2nd...Florence is FREE !!! Yeah remember the French journalist kidnapped by theives and so called (resistance) or as Iraqis call them (killers)....Congratutions to Theiry ...he did a great job by updating all on her news..

Oh yeah.....temperature is hitting the roof !! One day into summer and already grilled hehe

be back soon don't go anywhere ! :>

update on Qamishlo uprising in Syrian Kurdistan

Vienna : Kurds occupy Syrian embassy and replace Syrian flag with Kurdistan flag. (www.amude.net)

Photos of Kurdish shops looted by Arab militia and Syrian police. (more here)

Photos of Kurds tortued and shot at by Arab Syrian police

BBC's report.

Still no condemnation by the international world. Guess we are not as worthy as the Lebanese.

Forget the Parliament, Forget the Lebanese Writer, Why no one talks about the Kurds in Syria ?!

First I apologise for the long hitaus. I am very sorry but recently I am very busy and really couldn't have access to the internet. Today I managed to have a look at the internet and guess what ? My email is packed. Many nice people have sent me emails and I promise to send them a personal reply to all in the coming few days.

Recently (before the death of the Christian Lebanese Writer) a moderate Kurdish Islamic Cleric was killed by the Syrian government. The Sheikh was calling for "democratic Islamic socieities" and he was famous for saying that "scarves and beards are not the measure of Islam "..

Anyways this nice man was killed by the Syrian government. 10s of thousands of Kurds went to the streets in Qamishlo on the 1st of June 2005 to protest.
Well no one in the world talked about that. When the "Lebanese Writer" was killed, CNN provided a 24 hours coverage .I don't know why no one in the world covered the killing of the Kurdish cleric. Was it just because he was a Muslim or was it because we are worthless Kurds ?!

Anyways today as well there have been clashes between Kurds and the terrorist Syrian police. Thousands have been protesting since this morning in Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) especially in the city of "Qamishlo" (Qamishili)...

Here are some videos and photos from the uprising...

Video proests today 5th of June 2005 (photos)

Photos of mothers and children protest in Halab

Photos of the burial of Khaznawi (the cleric) in Qamishlo, 1st of June 2005

Video of uprising of the burial of Khaznawi in Qamishlo 1st of June 2005

The Kurdish news websites report that Arab militia and Syrian police have arrested many people and started to loot the Kurdish shops in Qamishlo.

How double standards the West is...Hundreds of Kurds killed by the Syrian government and no one cares...A Lebanese writer killed by Syria, there is a call from the White House and the UN for an international investigation...

These situations always remind me of the mountains story...