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Hello All

I am sorry I haven't been able to keep up with all just like usual. I have been extremly busy with life...doing this and going there ....been away for a while....

Anyways just wanted to give you some updates...

First I would like to apologise for all because my email account is getting funny...The hotmail still haven't upgraded my account to 250 MB....so the account gets jammed from time to time when I receive some mails...
This website have contacted me several times, well as they said on their comments here (more than 1000 times) so that I can be their "Blog" editor. Well this is a great honour for me but I kindly couldn't accept the offer because I am can't do that job....Simply because I am and will be away from the net for long hours and when I get a chance to connect to the world, the timing wouldn't let me read all the Kurdish & Iraqi blogs.
If anyone is interested please do contact them at their website here : "The Kurdistani News".

To make up the troubles my absence created, I offered them to have their logo here. (I hope all those who are upset by me not updating be happy if I offer to show their logos :> )

2nd...Florence is FREE !!! Yeah remember the French journalist kidnapped by theives and so called (resistance) or as Iraqis call them (killers)....Congratutions to Theiry ...he did a great job by updating all on her news..

Oh yeah.....temperature is hitting the roof !! One day into summer and already grilled hehe

be back soon don't go anywhere ! :>

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