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Forget the Parliament, Forget the Lebanese Writer, Why no one talks about the Kurds in Syria ?!

First I apologise for the long hitaus. I am very sorry but recently I am very busy and really couldn't have access to the internet. Today I managed to have a look at the internet and guess what ? My email is packed. Many nice people have sent me emails and I promise to send them a personal reply to all in the coming few days.

Recently (before the death of the Christian Lebanese Writer) a moderate Kurdish Islamic Cleric was killed by the Syrian government. The Sheikh was calling for "democratic Islamic socieities" and he was famous for saying that "scarves and beards are not the measure of Islam "..

Anyways this nice man was killed by the Syrian government. 10s of thousands of Kurds went to the streets in Qamishlo on the 1st of June 2005 to protest.
Well no one in the world talked about that. When the "Lebanese Writer" was killed, CNN provided a 24 hours coverage .I don't know why no one in the world covered the killing of the Kurdish cleric. Was it just because he was a Muslim or was it because we are worthless Kurds ?!

Anyways today as well there have been clashes between Kurds and the terrorist Syrian police. Thousands have been protesting since this morning in Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) especially in the city of "Qamishlo" (Qamishili)...

Here are some videos and photos from the uprising...

Video proests today 5th of June 2005 (photos)

Photos of mothers and children protest in Halab

Photos of the burial of Khaznawi (the cleric) in Qamishlo, 1st of June 2005

Video of uprising of the burial of Khaznawi in Qamishlo 1st of June 2005

The Kurdish news websites report that Arab militia and Syrian police have arrested many people and started to loot the Kurdish shops in Qamishlo.

How double standards the West is...Hundreds of Kurds killed by the Syrian government and no one cares...A Lebanese writer killed by Syria, there is a call from the White House and the UN for an international investigation...

These situations always remind me of the mountains story...

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