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One year of independence

Of course, Iraqi independence. Not Kurdish one.

Let's see how things have gone after 1 year of independence from American occupation.

1. Iraqi government ? Does it have any control ?
Not outside the Green zone. The suicide bombings in the Green Zone shows that it is about to lose control inside that 1-2 KM zone as well.

2. The American forces.
The American forces are not capable to protect themselves, yet let alone Iraqis. After one year, their task which was meant to be easier, it is now even harder. They have lost control of themselves, and of Iraqis of course.

3. The Kurdistan government.
The suicide bombings in Kurdistan carried out by Kurdish members of the Islamic fanatics shows that the Kurdish government has lost control of what was known as "Iraq's safe haven". On 20th of June, just in 12 hours, there were 3 suicide bombings in Kurdistan. In Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, and Arbeel.

4. The British forces..
They are the only ones to be in control of themselves so far, but they have lost the control of Iraqis...From newspaper reports I read, Basra and southern Iraq are now turning into a Taliban-styled regime ruled by Mullahs.

So where are we today ? What has gone wrong ?

I hate to say I told you so. But I told you so that Iraq will never work. Give Iraq another 100 years, we will be in this same point again.

Break up Iraq now. The therapy to a man who has cancer in his leg, is only to cut that leg and not let it spread throughout the whole body.
Iraq is the same. the cancer of suicide bombing is spreading.
Operation Lighting/Sword/Unknown Soldier/Angry Dude/ Mickey Mouse/ etc will not finish off these people.
For those who don't know, we talking about a serious war. Everyday 100s of people die. This is a serious war we living in. Break up Iraq now for God's sake.
Let's save what's left of Iraq. Let's not watch Iraq die. Let's not watch cancer spreading throughout Iraq. Let's save what's remaining of Iraq.

Enough killing.
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