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25 000 Peshmargas to be distributed in Baghdad, Mosul & Kirkuk.

The London-based famous Arabic daily newspaper, Al-Hayat, says that his sources in Iraq has been told that PUK & KDP have agreed to distribute 25 000 Peshmargas around Baghdad, Mosul, and Kirkuk, in coordination with the new Iraqi government.

I don't know whether Hayat tells the truth of not, but Dr. Barham Salih, the former Kurdistan Prime Minister, is now responsible for Iraq's security.

The Kurdish Peshmargas are now an organised army. We have military colleges, which doesn't just accept anyone to be a Peshmarga. In the past, Peshmargas were fighting voluntarily. But now the army is organised.
The Kurdish intelligence is at its best today. The Peshmargas intelligence has been the source for capturing Saddam Hussein, his aid Taha Yassin Ramathan and many more.
The Kurdish intelligence has also been able to stop some of the terrorist attacks which was planned to be carried out in Kurdistan (such as the Sulaimani incident last week)..

The irony is, no one would have expected that the outlaws who were fighting for their freedom in the mountains of Kurdistan could actually be responsible for Baghdad's security.

I would support this deployment only if they are actually helping, but I doubt that. Because the Arabs are very sensitive when it comes to Kurds. This gives a great opportunity for pro-Saddam channels such as Al-Jazeera to incite Arabs against Kurds.

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