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Only Good Wills please !!!

I was watching the trial of Saddam & Co. on Al-Jazeera ...I sighed (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) for a minute..I remembered so much of our lost lives..

I remembered the day we had to flee to the mountains in April 1991...We all were scared of these men.....These men who we saw looked like trash infront of that brave young Iraqi judge...

I remember when we used to see their faces on TV..They were acting like gods....They were all dying their hairs black, wearing the best suit, thinking they are the most important people on Earth.

I remember their pictures everywhere...I remembered their barbaric killings of innocent Kurds in Halabja, their barbaric ethnic cleansing of (Anfal)..

I still remember Chemical Ali's face shouting "I will terminate all Kurds"...I still remember his face beating Shias to death in southern Iraq... I still remember and remember and remember much of their crimes...

This proves it, that no matter how harsh you get, you can't terminate any nations.. You can't terminate any freedom-loving thoughts..
May Saddam Hussein & Co. be an example to the rest of humanity... No matter how strong you are, no matter how much weapons you have, no matter who you are, where you from, only good wills will help you to survive..
You can not terminate anyone...You can not suppress anyone forever...
(I hope that the army generals in Turkey, the Mullahs in Iran, the Baathiests in Syria, the Kazakhistani dictator, the Al-Qaeda terrorists, and many more...Hear this plea..)

P.S. I have unilaterally established the Kurdistan Bloggers Union blog, so that we can help to increase the number of Kurdish bloggers who blog in English, to increase the interactions between the west and Kurds, as well as to show a diverse views of Kurds (not just Kurdo's controversial posts lol)
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