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Saddam's trial and another Kurdish blogger...

While I am waiting to see Sadddam's trial live on tv at 2.30 pm (10.30 GMT) (according to Al-Arabia) , I would like to announce that we now have another Kurdish blogger on board.

Walati's blog is called Free Kurdistan and I hope that he will be another blogger to increase the interactions between the western world and Kurds.

Many Thanks :)


I just heard from Al-Arabiya that the Americans have chosen the journalists..and they will only show an edited version of the 45-minute long of Saddam's trial video..

The video will also be muted.. (soundless).

Are the Americans are trying to hide something from us or what ?

Why not a fair public trial ?!!

I smell something out of this...

Video will be out in very soon...in minutes..


US officials in Iraq don't beleive in democracy themselves..Why Saddam's voice is cut ?

It is us who have been victims of Saddam's rule not the Americans. We want to hear him saying why he did that to us..
Bush Admin is using Saddam's trial as a propaganda tool for his elections.
May I remind our Americans friends that the reason to invade Iraq was to find WMD, not to topple Saddam Hussein, otherwise why not topple Saddam Hussein in 1991 ?? Most of his crimes are commited between 1980-1991.

On Halabja, Saddam has said he had only heard about it on the media... Funny guy..

Again...A big disappointment in the so called American democracy.. We want a public trial..we want to hear his voice... We dont' want a cartoon trial....
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