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Halabja, Saddam , and US & UK

One of the photos which became a symbol for the Halabja gas attack. Omar Khawar, father, tries to protect his daughter (less than one year)..But they both die and freeze..

One of the seven charges that guarantees Saddam Hussein, imprisonment for life or execution, is his ordering of a gas attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja on 16th of March 1988.

During the hearing, Saddam denied the allegations and said that he had read about the massacre in a newspaper.

Halabja , was the word which was used every minute and then by President Bush, and PM Tony Blair when they were preparing to stage a war on Iraq.

Everytime these 2 men were asked, "What is your proof that Saddam has WMD?" The answer was "Halabja "..

An inquiry report in 1996 by Lord Justice Scott in what came to be known as the arms-to-Iraq affair gave dramatic pointers to what followed after Halabja . After the use of poison gas in 1988 both the United States and Britain began to supply Saddam Hussein with even more chemical weapons. [Link] [Thank You USA & UK ]

The CIA officer Stephen C. Pelletiere was the agency's senior political analyst on Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war. As professor at the Army War College from 1988 to 2000, he says that Saddam hasn't attacked Halabja but it was the Iranians. [Link]

Saddam Hussein didn't have the capability of developing Weapons of Mass Destrcution without the help of the west, and particularly USA, UK, Germany, France and Russia.

Not just Saddam Hussein is involved in Halabja , there are many more sides. A fair and public trial MUST include all of the sides responsible for that massacre.
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