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Some good news !

Al-Yawar, the current selected Iraqi president has said that "Federalism for Kurdistan is a fact and that he is one of the biggest supporters for Kurdish self-rule"..

Dilnareen, one of the commentators here has blogged for the first time at KBU

A 16 year old girl has started blogging from Mosul as well.

Also, Aaysh (Kurdish PUK security forces) have shot dead a suicide-bomber with 400 Kg of explosions. The suicide bomber was a 19 year old boy.
He was aiming for the Sulaimani Palace Hotel (a place full of Americans and Foreigners) in Sulaimani center.
The suicide bomber was Kurdish (Yes a terrorist Kurd) ! and these are his filty pictures ( courtesy of PUK-Media)

Happy Terrorist :

Good Terrorist :

His Car :

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