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Saddam In Court

Regarding the above title, Kurds are jubilant to see Saddam Hussein in court, the man who thought that he could terminate the Kurdish people.
Saddam Hussein is accused of 7 chargers. Four them are related to Kurds. Of them :

1) Anfal campaign against Kurds, late 1980s
2) Gassing Kurds in Halabja, 1988
3)Crushing Kurdish and Shia rebellions after 1991 Gulf War
4) Massacring members of Kurdish Barzani tribe in 1980s
5)Killing political activists over 30 years (general for all but Kurds had the highest share)

Last two charges are the invasion of Kuwait, and the killing of religious leaders.

So Kurds are the most jubilant people on Earth to see him in court, after they have participated in his capture.

Despite that his hearing was muted, I hope that the other court appearances will be public and live on TV.

Congratulations for all the victims of Anfal, the victims of Halabja, the victims of the Kurdish uprising, and all the other victims who have suffered on the hands of Saddam Hussein.

Piroza (Congratulations in Kurdish) !
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