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A Child Abuser Becomes President of Children Rights Protection Group in Iraq

First, I'd like to apologies that I am not posting the "Reality of Kurdish Democracy" today, because something else has caught my attention.

I was surfing through some Kurdish websites, when I saw the website of Children First in Kurdistan & Iraq. I saw the face of a former teacher, Sherzad Fatih. I clicked on his video, I saw him talking about "Children's rights"..I was stunned for the first few seconds that I haven't seen a person for so long and suddenly he is now a president of children's rights.

I don't like to go private, but let me give you some information on the history of Sherzad Fatih.
As one of his former students, he was the most brutal teacher at a boys' secondary school in one of the cities in Kurdistan in the 1990s (I don't want to give personal details about him, i.e. which school or which city or which subjects he was teaching".

The secondary school had school boys from 12-17 years of olds.

He was known of his brutal techniques in teaching, he was known as "Saddam Hussein" of the school. I was never being beaten by him, because I was a good student, but I was witnessing him beating other children on a daily basis. It was part of his technique, he was beating children to make them learn.

Because of Shirzad Fatih's and many mores false techniques, the number of school drop outs in the Middle East are very high.

Basically, if you hadn't done your homework, Shirzad Fatih was going to beat you.
Now Shirzad Fatih is the president of protecting children's rights. I just wonder, how can a child abuser protect children's rights ?

I am sure there are many more students who have suffered at the hands of Shirzad Fatih.
I have emailed the Chidlren's First, and I would like them to set up an enquiry about Shirzad Fatih's past.
At least, Shirzad Fatih can give an apology to the thousands of children he had abused, yet to those who he is supposed to protect.

Please let's all work TRULY to protect Iraq's children.

Send emails to

Sherzad Fatih : Sherzad_f@yahoo.com , president of Children's Rights Protection in Kurdistan.

Children's First : childrenfirstinternational@yahoo.ca

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