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Kurdish newspaper claims that IRAN is aiding Ansar Al-Islam
A famous independent Kurdish weekly, Hawlati, has claimed yesterday, 14th of July 2004, that Iran is aiding Ansar Al-Islam terrorist group in Iranian Kurdistan.

The paper says, according to some sources in Iran, Ansar Al-Islam is regrouping in Iranian Kurdistan, just east to the boarder to Iraqi Kurdistan. The paper claims that "Italaat" (Iranian Secret Services) and another sub-Al-Qaeda group is behind training terrorist Ansar Al-Islam.

Hawlati says that Ansar Islam is training in Iranian Kurdistan, and they are also pumping up Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan against the USA and the west.

In Mariwan, a Kurdish city on the border of Iraqi-Iranian Kurdistan, Arab Afghan members of Ansar Al-Islam are very active. (Arab-Afghan means the Arabs who went to fight Russia in the 70s and 80s and settled in Afghanistan).
Hawlati says that Iran has chosen Iranian-Kurdistan to train Ansar Al-Islam, so that they can be close to Iraq, and also to turn the Kurds in Iranian Kurdistan against the Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan.

A witness (Gulala Saihi) 25 years, says that she has fled to Iran when the Americans bombed Ansar Islam bases in Hawraman, Iraqi Kurdistan. She says that her arrival on the Iraqi-Iranian border, the Iranians have collected the Ansar Islam members and their families, and took them in special cars, while the other Kurds were not let into Iran.

Hawlati says that Ansar Al-Islam is now based in Baramawa village, close to Mariwan city in Iranian Kurdistan.
My friend and follow Kurdish blogger, Medya, lives in Mariwan. I would like him to update me and you on this. Medya, do you have any other information about Baramawa village and the presence of Ansar-Al-Islam in Iranian Kurdistan ?!
The article is very long. I can translate it if people want. But I want to keep this as interactive as it can be.

Let's wait for Medya and his special report. Medya, we are waiting for you.
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