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Does the Iraqi government read blogs and newspapers ?
I just wonder if the Iraqi government do actually give a damn about what ordinary people think about their role as a governing body.
In Kurdistan, you could say that journalism have some affects. Esepcially with newspapers such as Hawlati  and political comic magazines such as Sekhurma, what about the Iraqi government ?

Recently, I had a go at the new Iraqi government. Accusing them of being too weak. But in the last few days, the Iraqi Foreign Minister and the former KDP spokesman has repeated what I mentioned in my criticism of the Iraqi government.

First, on 16th of July 2004, regarding the Turkish intervention in Kirkuk,  I asked if "Kirkuk an Iraqi city or a Turkish city ?" 
Zebari has asked the Turkish Foreign Minister the same question on 21st of July 2004.  [link in Arabic].  [link in English]

My other hint regarding that the Iraqi government was too weak was the Arabic Sattelite Channel Al-Jazeera.  I asked :

Al-Jazeera is violating freedom of press. Al-Jazeera is a threat to Iraq's security. Why not stop them ?
Yesterday, the same dude, Hoshyar Zebari, has actually made another comment regarding the Al-Jazeera's role in boosting terrorism.
Here is what he has to say :
"Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Al-Manar and Al-Alam have all become channels of incitement and opposed to the interests, security and stability of the Iraqi people," Zebari told Al-Jazeera television yesterday. [link]
I was surprised ! Does the Iraqi Foriegn Minister know that Bloggger.Com exists ? Or are these issues concern everyone so everyone knows ?

Why Bremer didn't do anything regarding these issues for the last 12 months that he ruled ? Is it because he wasn't reading the Iraqi blogs and hence wasn't listening to wha the people wanted or was it because he was unable to understand the politics of the Middle East ?!!
Questions I can never answer.
I am just happy that two things I pointed out 2 weeks ago are now being solved. Good man Zebari !!
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