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An independence march and some other stuff...
Yesterday 24th of July 2004, there was another independence march in Sulaimani, held by around 500-1000 Kurdish intellectuals.

The protesters ignored the PUK warnings on not to hold the march. The Kurdish intellectuals demanded an independent Kurdistan with the Kurdistani city of Kirkuk as its capital.  Happily, AFP was there to report as well.
Independence demand is increasing among Kurds especially after the UN-US ignored the Kurdish demands to recognise the Iraqi Interium Constitution in the United Nations' resolution regarding the power handover to Iraq.

There is another Kurdish blogger on board, Kardox,  check out this blog for the some corruption related issues in the Kurdish adminstrations.

Karda,  has watched the controversial "Fahrenhiet 9/11" movie.  He is making a comparison between George W. Bush (the guy who I find funny) and Saddam Hussein (the guy who I find sad).
Perhaps President Bush can make a living as a comedian after he loses his election (that is if he loses ). 
I also hope that our current leaders in Kurdistan will lose the upcoming elections. We have had enough of them for almost 14 years.  Even if we were married we would have divorved ages ago.
Bring on the peaceful regime-changes ! Elections !

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