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Peshmargas capture stolen Sumerian treasure

The Peshmargas at a checkpoint near Kalar (a town near Kirkuk) have caputed an Iraqi Arab doctor with 2 children toys.
They get suspicious about the doctor with 2 children toys. They decide to open up the toys. . They find 11 stolen Summerian old pieces. The doctor was planning to sell the items in Kalar so that it can be shipped to Iran.  [source

Al-Yawar visits Halabja
The current US-UN selected Iraqi president Ghazi Al-Yawar visited Halabja yesterday and reassured Kurds that a federal Iraq is not just the wish of the Kurds, but it is the wish of all the ethnic groups in Iraq.
Yesterday's visit was the first visit of an Iraqi president to the town where it was bombed by Iraqi chemical weapons nearly 16 years ago.
Al-Yawar has visited the leaders of PUK & KDP in the recent few days in his visit to Kurdistan.

good news so far !
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