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Who is got to hold Iraq's unity ?

Before everything, I would like to thank all those who have sent me emails, and all those who have left their comments on my small blog.

I also thank  ALL the great journalists who are risking their life so that the world be updated about the news in Iraq.  Without you, our voices will be buried.

I have received an email from an Arab Iraqi living in the United Kingdom. He has sent me a good story which I would like to publish because this will explain a lot (with your permission Kaka Ali with a little censor). He has also sent me a photo of himself and his Kurdish girlfriend :) I was very happy when I read his email. That is why I want to share it.

Living in the UK, being in the minority and always treated badly by some British  people, I told my dad something. Baba why the British only have 5% of their country as foreigners, and always complain, when Iraq has 20%, but we don't.
He said to me who are the 20% foreigners in Iraq. I said the Kurds. He looked at me then answered me "the Kurds are as much Iraqi as you" he said. " Kurds are brave people who have fought for the greatness of Iraq".
Since then I have always viewed Kurds as my brothers, I have yet to meet an Arab who does not see the Kurds as an Iraqi, and it hurts me to see the Kurds wanting independence. I fully support your fight for federal Iraq, do not forget that 1 million Kurds live in Baghdad in peace without harassment, and if you mention the Arab government that treated you badly, let me remind you what happended to the marsh Arabs or the Arabs of the south, I have lost 6 cousins to that regime.

If you read Ali's story you will realise where Iraq goes wrong. It is not the people, not the country, but the political governments.
I am more willing than any Iraqi Arab to see a free, democratic, parliamentary federal Iraq. But in order to rebuild Iraq, the mistakes which have been repeated for over 83 years should not be repeated.

Kurds would not think about independence IF Iraq becomes a multi-ethnic country. For example, most Arabs still call Iraq "An Arab country".. Well if Iraq is Arabic then, that means we as Kurds, Turkmens, Assyrians, Chaldeans etc have no business in Iraq because we are not Arabs. We want to feel that we are sharing something because we are the indigenous people of the Mesopotamia.
But if Iraq becomes a free, democratic, multi-ethnic, parliamentary federation, then I am very sure that it will remain united.

So in order to show good wills that the "New Iraq" is a multi-ethnic (though Iraq is still part of the Arab League and some Iraqi football commentators say "Our Arab homeland" ) , real actions should be taken from the Iraqis.
The very first commitment from Iraqis should be changing the Iraqi flag to a flag that reflects Iraq's 5000 history, its rich ethnic groups, its culture, (not the current flag which shows the failed union between Iraq & Syria & Egypt)...


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