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Najma is jelous because her cousin Raghda is in Kurdistan on vacation and she has to take care of her newborn nephew :(

Najma, imagine swimming here.

Before the war, the Iraqi government (Saddam) wouldn't allow any Arabs (or those who weren't born in Sulaimania, Duhok or Erbil (Hawler) to enter Kurdistan.

After the war, tourism business has boosted in Kurdistan. During the summer, all the hotels were very very busy (and still).
Before the war, Kurds used to visit Baghdad for vacations or for treatment. After the war, Kurds don't dare to approach Baghdad (despite that some people still go for treatments or visiting families, but not like before the war).

This US soldier describes Kurdistan as "North California". I have never seen California but I guess I know what it looks like now.

Don't also forget to have a burger at our local Madonal (Not McDoland) ;)

P.S. condolences for the victims of 11-Sep-2001 in USA and 11-Sep-1961 in Koya-Kurdistan (The photos are from a US soldier's photoblog THANK YOU .
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