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Woman Activist Chooses to be Wife Number 3...My views on the Iraqi President & Minister marriage.

This news was some kind of started as a rumour in Kurdistan a while ago, but one of the news websites have actually confirmed the Iraqi presidential marriage.
Now the Kurdish newspaper ASO has confirmed the marriage. Ayad Allawi, the Iraqi PM, was the witness of honour.
Now a few backgrounds on the groom & bride. The groom (Ghazi Al-Yawar, Iraqi president) has 2 wives and and has 4 children and is 46.

Nesrine Barwari, is graduated from Harvard University and is 34(according to IslamOnline and 38 according to ASO) , she is a women activist.
Now here is the debate, how can a women activist accept to be the third wife ? This sounds like a communist going to mosque, or a Jihadist listening to Rock & Roll.

Nesrin Barwari is a feminist, she has fought hard to get more women's rights in the Iraqi constitution. But now she blows it all by accepting to be a third wife.

Ladies and gentlemen, all I have to say to Iraqi Women is, God Help You ! Your defender has married to a man with not just a wife, but a double. So make up your own minds !

I wonder what can you do with 3 wives ! ;)

Update :
Iraqi President Marries Third Wife (he already has 2, now this is the third)
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