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Where is the Kurdistan border?
I have noticed that most people don't know the borders of Kurdistan (I am talking about Iraqi Kurdistan) . Well, when you drive from Baghdad towards North, you just drive in a straight line. When you have to turn your wheels because of the geography of the region (not just for fun), that is the borders of Kurdistan. That location is around Hamreen Mountain, which is also part of the Zagros Mountains.

In Kirkuk, Iraq`s property claims commission for disputed land in oil-rich northern Iraq has failed to process a single claim, despite more than 167,400 people re-settling in dozens of refugee camps since March alone, a US commander said.
Are these people liberated ?! It is now officially One year and 4 months since it was declared that "Iraqis are liberated". Anyways, these people don't feel liberated at all. There are more than 100 000 living in tents while their original houses are being occupied in Kirkuk.

A nice incident from Khanaqeen (Also Oil-rich and was subjected to the Arabisation campaign), Khanaqeen was originally part of Kirkuk, but because Kurds make up the majority, the Iraqi government removed it from the borders of Kirkuk governate and gave it to Diyala governate. So despite liberations Khanaqeen is still part of Diyala.
Anyways, the mayor of Diyala (Known to be a nationalist Arab), held a meeting with the people of Khanaqeen yesterday. He was insisiting on the return of the Arab settlers to Khanaqeen (whom Saddam brought to Khanaqeen since 1963 to 2003 to turn it into an Arab city), he faced a feirce resistance from the people of the town.

He said "Please, winter is coming, what should they do? " One of the town people asked "So there is no place in whole Iraq for those settlers apart from Khanaqeen ?! Why not let them go to their original houses in south Iraq ?! The Diyala Mayor went speechless. Yeah Democracy Rocks !

These Arab settlers don't even consider themsleves to be from Khanaqeen. They don't bury their deads in Khanaqeen, but they will take them to south Iraq. So I think they were just being used as tools in the Arabisation campaign. Most of them are innocents being used as pawns against other innocents. Why not let things go back to normal ?!

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