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A bunch of new blogs.

Jeff from HumanRaceWatch has very interesting posts, I will definitely will keep an eye on it to update myself on the American elections.

Simko, a new Kurdish blogger has started blogging from Sulaimani (or Sulaymania), probably you have never heard about this city. But currently this city can be described as "Paris" in Kurdistan and (Iraq). (now some of you might laugh & say "If that is your Paris then God help you" but hey give us some time please)

Rick Sackette a director of a NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) has started his blog. He is now back in USA, and he has a very good post on the "Media Abuse".

Delal, from TurkishDelight, is a Kurdish girl living in USA. I have been reading her posts for a while. She hasn't blogged since she has found a "Sex Phone" job on 18th of August. ( I bet you Americans will start dialing now ;) Thanks God men in Kurdistan don't spend their money on things like that "Yet". But as long as Delal can finish her 71 calls to make enough money for her teeth, I wish her all the good luck. (I find her posts funny..keep it up delal)
We have something like these kind of "Chat Up Lines". But they are somehow face to face (even better) !! We call them "The Gypsies"...They are young girls and go around from one shop to another, and ask men to let them tell their future. The girls make naughty comments and some men like it, dunno what is so fun about that...

Well..Don't ask me about prices... I have never asked. :)
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