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Iraqis tortured, this time by the Iraqi democrats

A Norwegian newspaper has published a shocking report on the new Iraqi police torturing prisoners in Najaf and other areas of Iraq.

The pictures can be seen here. These photos have been taken by an American soldier. These photos shocked me more than the Abu Ghareb ones. This is because these photos prove it that democracy and human rights have no chance in Iraq. Not after Paul Bremer decided to return all the Baathiests to work a day before he fled Iraq.

This photo here, reminds me of the moments where Kurds were being tortued alive, and when the Shias were being beaten to death, or when the prisoners in Baghdad were being beaten 5 times a day.

Even if these people are criminals, you wouldn't do that. There is something called "Justice in Court". You take them to court, and if proven guilty, they will serve their sentences.

Welcome to the "NEW" democratic Iraq ! There is nothing new in Iraq apart from the words (New Iraq)

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