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Kurds screwed from all sides, even from inside.

Scenario One:You are an ordinary Kurd. You wish that you get independence so that you won't live in fear of prosecution anymore on the hands of the majority. But the superpowers tell you, do you wish to be eaten alive by Turkey & Iran, or do you want to shut up and accept what we will give you in troubled state called "Iraq".

Scenoario Two:
You are the same ordinary Kurd. You want to have a peaceful life. You want to practise democracy. But you are being ruled by two war-lord parties full of thugs, KDP & PUK. PUK & KDP both tell you, do you want to be eaten alive by the Arabs in Fallujah and Najaf, or do you want to shut up and accept what we give you ?!

So imagine how screwed the ordinary Kurds are. Let me tell you some little secrets, but please don't tell no one, come a little closer "The democracy that PUK & KDP practise in Kurdistan is very far from the real democracy.".

Kurds are very tired with these two war-lord parties. I was encouraged to write this by Julia Duin's report on Kurdistan in the Washington Post.
Read that article. It is a great article. Especially this :

.......who are told that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which controls the northwestern tier of Kurdistan, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which controls the southeast, exercise Mafialike control over Kurds. Any newspaper that criticizes the parties, they say, finds itself banned from local newsstands.

Let me just give you some examples of what the thugs in KDP & PUK do :
(Both reported in Hawlati)
Case 1) Dr. Waleed Khorsheed, a professional dentist has returned from Sweden to serve his country. He had a house in Kirkuk and gave it to some KDP thugs rent-free(as a favour). Dr. Khorsheed now has asked politely for the return of his house. The KDP thugs beats him up. Local police says we don't have control over these guys.

Case 2) (Hawlati) A police man in the city of Sulaimani,intervenes in a traffic incident. A group of protection staff for a PUK leader (Arsalan Bayez) go into a fight with two locals. The policeman tries to solve the issue.
The PUK thugs beat up the policeman. The policeman tries to call other policemen to help him. When help comes, they also face the same situation. The policeman spends 21 days in hospital.

Case 3)A group of KDP thugs enter a mosque while a cleric is giving his speech. They beat the hell out of the cleric infront of all the prayers. They make his face bleed. Reason ?! The cleric doesn't know but he has heard that the thugs thought that he was from the rival PUK.

Almost %75 of Kurds at this moment is boiling against the PUK & KDP thugs. If you don't support any of them, you won't get jobs very easily. As simple as that. Basically, some liberal Kurds call them the purified version of Baath.

P.S. KDP & PUK don't hold elections for their leaders. PUK has a permenant leader to death (Jalal Talabani) and KDP is based on inheritance.

I bet you PUK & KDP internet freaks are now looking for me? Keep Looking :)
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