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The Nightmare !

These videos (very graphic worse than the Al-Qaeda movies) are part of the nightmare which lasted 35 years.
These are not even 35 minutes, see if you can last watching them both.

The world was shocked by the Al-Qaeda movies beheading a few westerners (God Bless Them)... But the same world was silent for 35 years while Millions in this part of the world were being beheaded, gassed, killed, tortured, etc ...
Even the war which was supposed to liberate us, was under the name (Finding Weapons of Mass Destruction & Providing a Security for the West)... and in small print (freeing the oppressed people)...But Hey ! Too late better than never !

We lasted 35 years...let me see if you can last for 11 minutes :

Video One ...Fedayeen fighters terror

Video 2...Fedayeen & the Halabja Massacare

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