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Kurdish language is banned in Iraqi Ministry of Defence

An independent Kurdish weekly, Jamawar, has published this week that the Iraqi Defence Ministry has issued a memo banning the Kurdish language. [Source in English]

"[The communiqué] stated that the Kurdish language is not a national language, and must not be used in any establishment of the Ministry," the paper stated. The instruction was sent to Kurdistan, and got away without any challenge by the Kurdish administration. "No Kurd among those who work in the Ministry has challenged the instruction," the paper added.

This is the New Iraq, that the Americans want Kurds to be part of. Banning the Kurdish language in the Defence Ministry, is a racist act, and this will follow by more.
Kurds are not scared of Iraq, Kurds are scared from chauvinistic nationalist people, who see Iraq as a single-ethnic country and links it to be part of a bigger nation, from the Atlantic to the Gulf.
Now trying to make Americans (Who now have the biggest role in rearranging Iraq) , and the international community to understand the dangers that Kurds fear from in Iraq, is like mission impossible.
We are saying "We want independence, because we have tried it ( it = Peaceful United Iraq) already, and we have been trying IT for over 84 years, and all we get, is that we will be seen as guests and visitors in our homelands.
What the Americans are telling us, is that how they get on with each other in their 50 states, but they forget that they all were originally visitors in America.
The Americans try to solve the issues of Iraq as the same way that they solved their problems. They forget that they solved their problems as immigrants, but in Iraq there are indigenous people. Indigenous people are not willing to give up some rights such as lands and languages.
Muqtada Sader is hijacking the spotlights, but once things return to normal (that is if they do) thousands of other problems will come to the stage.

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