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Kurdistan Update

+ A Swiss company will open a private university in the city of Sulaimani. The Kurdistan government (PUK region) has agreed to help in building the university which will be called Dwa Rozh (The Future). Teaching will be based on the French style.

+ No one gives a damn about Muqtada or his gang or the fightings in the south of Iraq...People are busy looking for a place to go to on Fridays as in picnics...It is too hot...Almost everyone is trying to enjoy life.... Girls busy finding new modern clothes and guys busy finding modern girls...

+ People are getting more and more frustrated by the PUK & KDP....The people inside PUK & KDP are getting richer and richer, and God knows where that money comes from. PUK almost controls business in its areas and KDP almost controls business in their areas.

+ A huge number of restaurants have been opened, one of the interesting ones is the Iranian Restaurant. I think this is the only foreign restaurant in Kurdistan. Where are the Chinese and the Cuban ones ? Come on what we should have for supper ?!!

+ A few more Kurdish-style supermarkets have been opened in the recent few months. Some supermarkets are too expensive (it is stupid to pay $10 more for a Gillette in a supermarket, you can get it for much cheaper in normal shops).

+People are getting to use dollars instead of the rubbish new Iraqi dinars. They are easy to use, easy to handle, and easy to keep. Plus Kurds weren't using this new rubbish Iraqi dinars before. We had the Swiss printed ones.

+ I am puzzled by the Turkish threats against the Kurdish self-determination-rights calls. Almost %40-60 of the companies working in Kurdistan are Turkish. A Turkish company is building the Sulaimani Airport, the Sulaimani roads, some supermarkets, some other buildings, etc etc.

+ The US ambassador in Iraq visited Kurdistan last week. He has made some promises. (Well just like usual). He has given some support to some civil administrations as gifts.

+ The number of Arabs have increased dramatically in Kurdistan. It is good. They are tourists. Almost all the hotels are benefiting from this.

+ US forces have removed the Kurdistan flags in Kirkuk and replaced them with the Baathiest Iraqi flags. This has angered a lot of Kurds. Soon Kurds replaced some of the flags with the Kurdistan flags. Do the Americans know the history of the Kurdish-struggle against Iraq ? Wasn't the 1970 peace deal was called off because of Kirkuk ?
Or do the Americans like to create troubles so that they stay in Kirkuk for ever ? (By troubles I mean turning Kirkuk into another Fallujah or Najaf)...And with these behaviours, don't expect the situation to explode at anytime...

It only takes some US kids taking off a Kurdistan flag and these being attacked by Kurdish youths. Like usual US forces shoot. A few Kurds will be killed by the Americans. Soon the whole Kirkuki Kurds will attack American forces. Then Americans will retaliate (just like in Fallujah and Najaf), then the whole Kurdistan will start uprising...

These are very sensitive issues... They must be handled with great care or otherwise they will explode like hell
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