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Bush should use his exist strategy as Iraq comes to a deadlock

Sometimes in life, you come to situations where you end up in a deadlock, and you can't do what you wanted to do. The best thing is to choose something that puts you back on track.

Imagine this, you are driving on a nice road, nice speed, your radio is on, when suddenly, you see a big house on the middle of your road and you can't do nothing about it.
What ordinary people do is , make a U-turn, or sometimes say a few bad words then finally make a U-turn.
There is nothing wrong with U-turns in situations like that. Because basically you can't just drive into a house.

What the Bush Adminstration was doing is more similar to driving into a deadlock. First, it was very nice and easy, 21 days and Baghdad fell, a few more months , Saddam Hussein sons killed, a few more months Saddam Hussein got captured....and since 2004 ?! the deadlock has started....
It is almost one year, continuous fighting in Iraq goes on, everyday there is bombing, there is street fighting, there is air-strikes, there are casualties, etc etc , and Bush calls it a victory !!

What kind of victory is this ?
You know, I see Bush's strategy in Iraq as this, imagine Bush is the driver of our nice car at the deadlock, what he does there is just to drive into the house several times, then he realises that he can't make his way, so he tells the house owner to open the door, then drives in, he then finds another wall, and another wall .....Then he realises that walls are all over the place, what should he do ? make a U-turn... But, by the time he realises that he had to make a U-turn in the first place, it will be too late, he has already destroyed the entire house, and he has already smashed his car ! Nice one Georgey ...

With the continuous violence in Iraq, even after the establishment of the Iraqi government, the best exist strategy for Iraq is the 3-State Plan ( I don't know what to call it because USA has tried all the plans even Plan Z) ...
I know some of you out there will say "Oh you are a Kurd you want independence".. Then I would say "Of course I want independence, just because I am glued to some troubled full-of-violence region that doesn't mean I can't say GET ME OUT OF HERE "... Even the Shias are now thinking about creating their own federation, the South federation (including Basra, Diwaniya and Ammara I guess)...

So Mr. President, Get us and yourself out of here !!
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