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A question for the Americans

I want to make this very short, I have heard that the number of the US soldiers loss in Iraq is much higher than the actual figure given out by the Pentagon.
Apparently, those deads who have "American Green Cards" don't count in the official Pentagon death-toll because they are not Americans "Yet".

(I heard this from an Egyptian guy on Al-Jazeera who acts like he knows everything. His name is (Haykal) and his programme is called (With Haykal).

So, if someone in USA has a green card, can he/she join the US army and fight in Iraq/Afghanistan etc ?

Second thought, I have always thought that USA support people's wills. Or in other terms, leaders do what their people want to do. But, it seems that the USA wants "people to do what their leaders want to do"...Very nice democracy indeed !

Read Condoleezza Rice comments when she answered a clever journalist :

Q I'm wondering how you reconcile the statement you just made about the Kurds with the fact that in January, 1.7 million people in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is about 80 percent of the adults, signed a petition asking for a vote on independence -- and, obviously, anybody who signed the petition was in favor of that. ?

DR. RICE: Well, first of all, as to the Kurds, I would just note that such referenda on independence have taken place in lots of places, including, for instance, Canada to our north. And it has been the role of leadership to convince people that they really ought to stay in the same body.

On Najaf & Sistani & Sader
I would say to a country which is being ruled by a bearded Ayatollah (GO TO HELL YOU BASTARD). Four weeks and a government couldn't solve the issue of Najaf. But an Ayatollah solved the issue in 4 minutes.
Also, Muqtada has a court of himself where he kills whoever he wants. Are we going to see Muqtada infornt of the so called (Iraqi-Justice) ?

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