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Some mad news from Kurdistan before the elections

+ A house of 6 bed rooms (1000 meter square) costs $2,000,000 in central Sulaimani in Kurdistan. $2 Million ! That is mad. Sulaimani is currently the most expensive city in Kurdistan and also in Iraq. A kilo of meat costs between $3.5 to 5. A plain land of (200 meters square) in the outskirts of Sulaimani near the newly built Sulaimani Airport costs around $20,000 to $30,000 !
It is not like Sulaimani is a European capital or anything. But I think the stability of the region and the mass influx of money from companies and from the Kurds who live in Europe have resulted in this massive increase in prices.

Before the war, that house that I mentioned was for $100,000 and a kilo of meat was for $1.

+ On the last day of last year (2004), Santa Claus beat up a few kids in Kirkuk. Santa was there to give out presents. Then kids attacked him for presents from all sides. He started kicking kids to teach them to be more dicipline. When a Kurdish newspaper's reporter asked him why he is doing so, because Santa is supposed to be loving kids not harming them he said "These kids are new to democracy, force must be used to show them the correct path".

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