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Betrayal or Support !

From the comments section it seems like there are some people who think that Iraq exist from 1991 when Iraq turned against USA.
Before 1991, Iraq was on the "good countries" list in USA. Even when Iraqi jets bombed Kurdistan with WMD (the weapons which was the main reason of the US-led invasion of Iraq), the US didn't comment on it. 5000 innocent people were instantly killed and more than 15 000 were handicapped and blinded instantly and another estimated 10,000 now suffer from cancer resulted from the WMD used on the areas.

These people were called "The victims of Saddam Hussein" and President George W. Bush mentioned the name of Halabja in his weekly speech on 16th of March 2003. This was exactly after 15 years after the incident and it was the first time in USA's history. "Halabja" became the very approved evidence of the Iraqi WMD and every time a US Official was asked what are your proofs and justification for the war , they said "Halabja".

The problem is, no one asked why these Kurds "victims of Saddam Hussein" were killed. No one asks why Halabja was happened. No one asks why Anfal happened "The genocide operations conducted by Iraq in which more than 182 000 Kurds were killed" ?

Why Saddam Hussein didn't bomb the Arab-populated areas of Iraq with WMD? Why in particular the Kurdish areas?

The answer lies here, while USA were selling chemical and biological weapons to Iraq Kurds were fighting for their self-determination-rights. Just like the rest of the people in the world, they wanted to be recognised as a nation.
But Saddam Hussein's Iraqi government and the previous Iraqi governments (from the start of Iraq in 1920) all refused this Kurdish demand.
Kurds don't ask for much, apart from recognition. Every human has the right to determine his future.
If USA wanted to protect the Kurds, they wouldn't have left the Kurds to their fate in 1974. If USA didn't leave Kurds to their fate in 1974, then for sure Halabja and Anfal would have not happened.

It looks like the Americans are trying to abandon Kurds again. I just wonder what would happen if the Shias took control of Iraq ?! They are openly anti-Americans and anti-Kurdish freedom demands. Democratically speaking, the make up 65% of Iraq and will definitely win in any elections!

Would another Kurdish town be bombed with WMD in the next 10-30 years ? And would the USA use that incident in the future as another reason to re-invade Iraq ?

These are all possibilities. But Kurds will carry on their struggle to be recognised as free humans just like the rest of the world. We don't ask for much apart from self-determination-rights !

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