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A few comments...

Just read the comments section...hmmmm think I have to clarify some points which have puzzled everyone throughout the history..

hmmm once upon a time in 1920s, the Britons invaded (liberated) the Middle East from the Turkish Ottomans. According to an agreement called "Treaty of Sevres" between the Allied Forces and the Turks, the Kurds were promised of an independent homeland (if they want to )!
But the problem was no one asked the Kurds what they want and the treaty was ignored by the League of Nations and this later changed to Lausanne Treaty in which the Kurdish homelands was divided (just like a nice yummy chocolate fudge cake) between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria !

Kurds have been virtually independent for the last 12 years from Iraq....Since 1991, the new Kurdish generations in Iraqi Kurdistan were taught lessons on democracy, human rights etc in schools... These people have had fairly some democratic elections and have had access to free press and free media since 1991...

Now let's move to the rest of Iraq... people have just started their access to the free media and press (thanks to the US and the free world) ....They are still in the process of digesting the concept of democracy... They need at least 5-10 years to fully understand and practice democracy...

i.e. I saw this man on this anti-US Arabic channel who was parking his car in an illegal place....He was told to move his car by the Iraqi police in Baghdad...He was shouting "Is this the democracy the Americans have brought us ??Why can't we park wherever we want..Iraq is now democratic and I park my car wherever I want"..

They are like in their first stages of a primary school....(no offence)

now the question is ...would u benefit if u forced a stage 12 high school student to go back to stage 1 of primary school ???

This is why the Kurds want their own state (even if it was within the borders of Iraq as a federal state)... We don't wanna repeat another 12 years to be where we are now !

You might think that I make these things up... but for some more views from Kurdistan itself (which supports my theory) read the NY POST article here.

have a good day everyone...
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