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Iraqicization: The new Kurdish genocide.

The Kurdish nation has faced many dangers throughout its unfortunate history. Our enemies have tried to change our identity and our nationality. The Kurds have gone through "Turkification" and "Arabisation" and perhaps one of the new dangers which face the Kurdish nation is "Iraqicization".

Perhaps the word "Iraqicization" is a new one and does not exist in available dictionaries. But it is a real danger faces the Kurds in south Kurdistan.

The Iraqi government since its establishment by the British Foreign Ministry in 1921 tries to "Iraqicize" the Kurdish nation in that part of Kurdistan.

South Kurdistan was annexed in a non-democratic manner and by the use of heavy force to the new created state "Iraq". All the subsequent Iraqi governments have used force and their greatest available power to "Iraqicize" the Kurdish nation and even used Weapons of Mass Destruction when required.

The Kurdish suffering reached its peak at the hands of Saddam Hussein when he used chemical and biological weapons to force the Kurdish nation to be "Iraqcized".

Kurds did not only have problems with Saddam Hussein like many claims. Kurds have problems with "Iraqicization". Saddam Hussein was not the only Iraqi leader who tried to suppress and terminate the Kurdish nation. The Iraqi Kings, Abdul Karim Qassem and Baker are also among the list.

But throughout the last 83 years of Iraqs bloody history, a few numbers of Kurds have given in to Iraq. Kurds have refused the idea of (Iraqicization) since Iraqs establishment in 1921. Sheikh Hafeeds revolt against the Britons who used WMD to force the Kurds to accept "Iraqicization" and Sheikh Barzanjis revolt in 1932 are the best examples of the Kurdish refusal of "Iraqicization".

The greatest and the most effective Kurdish refusal to "Iraqicization" was the Kurdish uprising against Iraqi forces in 1991 and later turning to the mountains when Iraqi forces invaded Kurdistan again.

The new Kurdish refusal for the "govern ate-based Iraqi federalism" is another proof that Kurds will never give in to Iraq.

One wonders why Kurds refuse the idea of "Iraqicization"? The answer is very simple. Kurds and Iraqis are two distinct people and both have different cultures, languages, traditions etc. Kurds live in their homelands "Kurdistan" which is annexed in a non-democratic way to Iraq. The Kurds were not consulted when they were being rushed into a forced-marriage with the Iraqis.

Kurds throughout the last 83 years have suffered because of their refusal of "Iraqicization". Kurds have no chance of living happily and peacefully in Iraq because whatever they do, they are a minority. Speaking democratically, that makes them lose their basic human rights to the Arab majority.

Iraqicization of Kurds is a clever way to terminate the Kurdish nation. In other words, it is genocide, since it has the same aims of destroying and terminating an entire nation.

Iraqicization of Kurds will never succeed as it has failed throughout the last 83 years of Iraqs history. It is time for Iraqis and for the new Iraqi American administrators to realise this fact. The sooner the better, otherwise, we will be in the same place in the next centuries. There should be written guarantees that another "Anfal" genocide and "Halabja" massacre are not to be repeated in the future. The best guarantee is full independence for Kurdistan or at least, a Kurdistan federal state.

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