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The Referendum Movement

The main hot topic, which is now being talked about in Kurdistan, is "Referendum". A group of Kurdistani poets, doctors, teachers, students, intellectuals etc established a group last year called "Referendum for Kurdistan Movement”.

The aim for this group is to hold a large popular referendum in the all areas of the former "Mosul Willayet " today's "Iraqi Kurdistan" or so called "Northern Iraq".
The group wants to solve the mystery of the "Mosul Willayet" issue, which was left unsolved by the Britons in the 1920s.
There are tables and boxes on every main street and outside cinemas, restaurants, Internet cafes, etc etc collecting signatures to support the idea of the referendum.

The Kurdish newspapers urge people to go out and sign the forms to hold a large referendum.

The aim of this group is not to establish a Kurdistan state or whatever. They want the people of the so called "Northern Iraq" to decide in a democratic way on their future, whether they want to be part of Iraq, or they want to create their own state etc. They want the people of "Northern Iraq" to decide on their fate.

Now the Movement is at the stage of collecting signatures. They have promised to hold large peaceful demonstrations in the support of the "referendum" in the next few weeks. They are expecting 2-3 millions to demonstrate in the all areas of the so-called "Northern Iraq".

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