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The Turkish Nightmare !

The Turkish PM Teyib Receb Erdogan has rushed to Washington in an attempt to persuade President George W. Bush to continue Saddam's prosecution of the Kurds in their homelands.

What the Turkish MP says is that "If Kurds get their own state inside Iraq, they will separate from Iraq in the future".. And if they declared their independence they will trigger Kurdish aspiration in the areas of Kurdistan under Turkish control..

hmmmmm ...!!! But hang on Mr. Prime Minster, if the Kurds in Turkey are treated fairly, and are given their full political and cultural rights, why would they want to join an Asian country?

I am pretty sure that if the Turkish government lifts its prosecution of the Kurds in Turkey, Kurds in that part would prefer to be part of the European Union.

But what Erdogan wants, is to continue the Turkish supression of the Kurds in that country, and to continue the prosecutions of Kurds everywhere so that his country's Kurds wouldn't say "WHY ARE WE PROSECUTED WHILE KURDS IN IRAQ ENJOY FREEDOM?"

An advice to PM Erdogan, a federal Iraq might be your nightmare, but it is the begining of an end to a nation's nightmare. Perhaps giving cultural and ligual and political rights to the 20 Million Kurds in your country through a federal Turkey would make it easier for you to join the EU and results in the creation of a peaceful Middle East.

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