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When you buy a new TV , you get a guarantee with it...........

When the new Iraqi borders were drawn by the British Foreign officials in London after WWI, Kurds were forced to live as a minority in the newly established state. The British-appointed Iraqi Kings didn't recognise the demands of the Kurds for self-determination rights.

When the Iraqi leader, Abdul Karim Qassem over-throw King Faisal II he said this in his first statement to the Iraqi state:
Kurds and Arabs are brothers and partners in the new Republic of Iraq with respect to the right of other minorities.. Kurds were told that what was in the past is in the past and today is a new day (that was in 1958) !

But guess what ? Qassim lied. Soon the slogan turned into "Arabs are big brothers and Kurds have to accept what big brothers tell them to do". Qassim used all of the Iraqi army to attack Kurdistan and started massacring Kurds.

Abdul Karim Qassim was over-thrown in 1963 by Abdul Salam Arif and he promised that Kurds will enjoy freedom and democracy at his hands.

But guess what ? He lied too. Abdul Salam Arif started to use Iraq's army to attack the Kurds who were demanding self-determination-rights.

Abdul Salam Arif was over-thrown by the Baath party in 1968 under the rule of Ahmad Hassan Al-Bakir ( Saddam Hussein was his aid). The Baath party agreed to give some kind of restricted "autonomy" to the Kurds in 1970.

The agreement dated 11th of March 1970 was signed by Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi representative and Mustafa Barzani, the Kurdish leader.
The agreement acknowledged the Kurds as one of the two main nationalities of Iraq and gave them full cultural and economic rights as well as an autonomous region, of which the precise boundaries had to be established within four years on the basis of a census.

But guess what ? They lied too. Within only 4 years and in 1974, the Baath party limited the Kurdish autonomy and started the Arabisation campaign of Kurdistan in which more than an estimated 250 000 Kurds were replaced with Arabs in the oil-rich Kurdish areas. WMD was used to attack Kurdish towns. Mass genocides were conducted (known as Anfal). etc etc.

Now, and with the new regime-change in Iraq, the Kurds are being told again "Don't worry. The past is past. We will build a democratic Iraq. Kurdish rights will be respected bla bla bla".

Well....One must be a fool to believe the same lie for three repetitive times. What are the guarantees that the US and the Iraqis offer to the Kurds that they won't be prosecuted again ?

If you buy a new TV from Sony, the company knows very well that the TV will work for at least 5 years that is why they give you a guarantee for one year. If the US and the Iraqis know that the "New US-led Iraq" will work for Kurds, why can't they give guarantees ?

When I say guarantee, it means a Kurdistan federal state inside the current borders of Iraq. With that way, Kurds can protect themselves IF in the future something happened against them.

If you keep your honesty, you should offer guarantees. Otherwise, only fools believe the same lie over and over again.
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