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BREAKING NEWS : Kurds and US come to agreement !!!

Yesterday, Moufaq Rabii, a Shia member of ICG told CNN that Kurds and the IGC have come to an agreement on the Kurdish issue.

The Kurdish news portal "Kerkuk-Kurdistan.com broke the news yesterday at 23.00 !

Paul Bremer and Massoud Barzani, (president of KDP), Barham Salih, (Prime Minister of the Sulaimani-based Kurdistan Government and Fouad Massoum, (high ranking PUK member and head of the Iraqi Constitution) have had serious discussions on 17th of Feb.
Here are the points of the agreement according to Kerkuk-Kurdistane :

1. Kurds and Americans are allies. (hope won't be single-sided).
2.USA will support Geographical federalism in Iraq. There will be an independent Kurdistan Government and parliament along with independent Kurdistan Court inside Iraq.
3.The new-liberated Kurdish areas which were under the control of Baghdad before 19th of March will return to the control of the Kurdistan Government.
4.The Kerkuk districts which were given to the Sulaimania and Erbil governates will be returned to Kirkuk. Displaced Kurds will return to Kirkuk. Arab settlers will go back to their homes (whereever they came from).
5. A census will be held in Kirkuk to determine the number of Kurds in that state. Afterwards a referendum will be held in the state to determine whether people want to go back Iraq or be part of the Iraqi Kurdistan Federal State.

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