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Do Iraqis have no solutions ?

A while ago, I suggested that Iraqi bloggers should come up with a solution to be the model political system for Iraq. As Iraqis describe this issue "very sensitive", only one Iraqi blogger came up with a suggestion.
Fayrouz came to a very important question "What do Iraqis want ?" !!

This question is what Iraqis call "sensitive". Running away from this question has turned the 83 years of Iraq's history into a disaster for all. Not wanting to answer this question, will lead to another 83 years of terror !

It is only dialogue which makes us able to solve our problems. So let's solve it first !

Kurds want to vote on their "Self-determination-rights" since the creation of Iraq in 1921 ! Unfortunately, non of the Iraqi regimes were able to satisfy this demand. Therefore, the Iraqi state hasn't seen a single day of peace in its 83 years of history !
Is it too hard to let the Kurds have their "self-determination-rights" ? According to this poll by Hawlati, %96 of people in Iraqi Kurdistan demand a "Kurdistan Federal State with Kirkuk as the capital" within Iraq. %77 will go for independence if the Iraqi government failed to solve the Kurdish issue again.

Now people might ask "How would a land-lock region like Kurdistan survive among deadly enemies?" ! , to answer this question, we can look back at the 12 past years of history. Iraqi Kurdistan was in fact independent and it was surrounded by Turkey, (Iraq, Iran and Syria members of the axis-of-evil) !
Kurdistan turned into a modern, some-how "democratic", flourished state in the Middle East. (not to forget the UN sanctions on Iraq also included Kurdistan).

Back to the main subject, now the Kurdish political leadership have suggested a plan to solve the Kurdish issue. A Federal Kurdistan State (to include the areas of Kurdish majority with respect to minorities rights). (Note that this is not much different from what Saddam Hussein offered Kurds in 1970. Saddam offered Kurds some limited "self-autonomy" in the areas where Kurds are the majority but later he withdrew from his promises on Kirkuk)

There is this feeling now in Kurdistan... "Saddam and Baath were better. At least they were accepting that there is something called "Kurdistan". The editor of the Kurdish weekly, Hawlati wrote yesterday "Until Baath was ruling, we were ruling a semi-independent de-facto state, now we can't have the same rights that we were enjoying during the Baath regime"..

I just wish we will be mistaken... but will we ?
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