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hello again...

It is been four days since my last post.. well ..I have been some kinda busy recently.. There was a huge demonstration on Saturday in Sulaimani...Estimated 10,000-15,000 people participated in the event... Basically, they were calling for Kurdish self-determination rights through an independent Kurdistan. They demanded to live peacefully with their neighbours for ever.

Funnily, the Al-Jazeera biased Arabic channel mentioned the event as another demonstration for a "Federal Iraq" by Kurds.

Now what will happen if a Kurdistan state was announced ? It is not gonna be the end of the world. Kurds will not attack their neighbours. It is not like we have nuclear weapons or anything.. how can we threaten our neighbours who all have WMD ? (Iran, Syria and Turkey).
I think Iran and Syria are incapable of doing anything. They are not in a good position to invade another country (being on the US list of terrorist states ).
Everyone talks about Turkey, well ..I think Turkey can't do such a stupid mistake. One, because they are on the edge of becoming an EU member and being an EU member will not allow you to invade another country.
Two, if Turkey invades (Iraqi) Kurdistan, Kurdish nationalism will raise among the 20 Million Kurds north of the border. I think Turkey will be dragged into a mass guerilla war not just in Iraqi Kurdistan, but in the Kurdish areas which is known as (South East Turkey)..
Remember that the US (and against the Kurdish wishes) offered Turkey to invade Iraqi Kurdistan during the run-up for the Iraq war. In return, US expected a safe passage of its troops to Iraq. But the Turks refused so. I think their refusal was not because they don't like USA. But it was because they knew that if a Turkish troops enter Iraqi Kurdistan they will spark Kurdish nationalism in their own Kurdish populated areas. Leading to a mass uprising in both regions.
So I think the Turkish threats are not that serious. And if they are, there are people ready to die for the cause of their people's demand for self-determination-rights. People say, "What is life if you don't live freely?"
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