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how to finish off racism in a racist country like Iraq ...some Kurdish thoughts

The Iraqi governments used different ways and styles to control the people of Iraq... For a peaceful, democratic, federal Iraq, the CPA and the Iraqi government needs to format the brains of the Iraqi people first..

There are great haterous towards Kurds in Iraq. For example, this website (aliraqi.com) has broken the records for banning Kurdish members. (hint: sign up with a nick (which includes Kurdistan word) and u will be banned before even sending a message. Look at the Banned List and see how many Americans and Kurds are banned).

The Iraqi governments used the same Nazi methods to create haterous and racism between the different ethnic groups (especially between Kurds and Arabs).
For example, the Nazis claimed that the Jews were capitalists and socialists just like their enemies and they decided to kill them all.
The Iraqi governments did the same. They accused Kurds of being close to Israelis and Iranians and this created haterous towards Kurds all over Iraq. This has created so much hate, that you see some people saying, "Saddam was not wrong in bombing Halabja with WMD".

Now how can we cure this? If you ask some (not generalising) Arabs in Iraq, what do you feel about Kurds? They pause, and then if they are being honest, they say, "Well they are agents of Israel and America". If they are being nice, they say, "They are good people".
Now this is the result of the former Iraqi media networks. The Iraqi governments and in order to change the public view in ignoring the Kurdish demands for self-determination rights, they were using these type of media wars to portray Kurds as their enemies by drawing lines to conclude that Kurds are agents of Israel and USA.

What I suggest for cure this racism disease, is to create positive images of all the ethnic groups. This role must be assigned to the Iraqi media network. The Arabs must be reminded that Kurds are not that negative as they think. At least, the only Muslim leader who managed to liberate their Palestine was a Kurd.

If positive images can't be found for Kurds/Arabs/Turkmens/Assyrians/Chaldeans Turkmens, perhaps the Kurdish/Arabic/Turkmen/Assyrian/Chaldean doctor who works across the street could be a positive image. The Kurdish/Arabic/Turkmen/Assyrian/Chaldean mother who brings up her children could be a positive image. The nurse, the teacher, the student, the engineer, the baker etc etc.

Positive signs of other ethnic groups should be shown to others in order to overcome the racism roots inside the different ethnic groups. Otherwise, a democratic, federal Iraq will be based on haterous and racism.
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