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Kurds and Israel

hmmm Zeyad from HealingIraq has just blogged on a very important issue. The Kurds and Israel !!?

There were some reports mainly from the Turkish newspapers that Kurds are selling lands to Israel in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and Israel is paying Kurds to buy lands from Arabs and Turkmens around Kirkuk.

These lies and accusations of Kurdish-Israeli relations have sparked anger among Arab and Turkish nationalists on one hand, and among Islamic fanatics on the other hand..

Now let's come back to the Turkish-Israeli relations..The Turks who accuse Kurds of getting help from Israel are Israel's biggest ally in the Middle East. So why accuse Kurds of doing something that they(Turks) are proud of ?

Now to the Arab nationalists, Arabs were the first Muslim nation to recognise Israel and fly the Israeli flag on their lands...So why accuse Kurds of something they have done in the past, and they are doing at the moment ?

As a person with no state, I am fully with fact that Jews have the right to have a state as well as the Palestinians. Since Egypt, Jordan and some other Arab countries recognise Israel, I am fully with the fact that Kurdistan and Iraq must have peaceful relations with Israel.
There is a huge Iraqi and Kurdish minority in Israel. According to this site the number of Kurds in Israel are estimated to be around 150 000.

God bless all human beings on this Earth !
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