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Kurds want to decide their fate.

After the World-wide pro-referendum for Kurdistan demonestrations, the organizers have handed the Referendum petition to Iraqi and American officials..

Approximately 1.7 million signatures on the petition "demanding a referendum" on the future of (Iraqi) Kurdistan's region were collected.
What do Kurds want exactly ? It is not that Kurds want to rule the whole world... Kurds basically ask to decide their fate in Iraq. We have had enough of being ridden like sheep to uncertain futures... Now, is this too much ? I don't think so.

Throughout 83 years of living with Iraq, Kurds haven't benefited anything...Nothing at all... All these atrocities were caused when the British Empire decided to create a new state without consulting its inhabitants.. Shall we repeat the same mistake ? I don't see any reason to do so.

One wonders what about the "New Iraq" ? I could say "What New Iraq ?" ??? What is new in Iraq ? I can see nothing new... It is the old story starts over again...
I see Iraqi politicians on TV saying "To the Iraqis in Northern Iraq, we warn you not to do anything stupid or otherwise you will pay heavily"... Not they only deny our existence as Kurds, they are threatening us.. Sounds like a Cool New Iraq !!!

The Iraqi mentality is still the same..The only thing that has been changed is Saddam Hussein... He has moved from a palace to a prison that is all. The people are the same, the mentality is the same, etc etc

Recently, an Iraqi politician and the current head of IGC has said that Iraq may claim on Jordan and Kuwait !! WOW ! What does that supposed to mean ?

We hear that the Arabs are unease about the Kurdish autonomy !!! That tells me that the people in "New Iraq" are worse than Saddam Hussein towards Kurds... Saddam Hussein signed the Kurdish autonomy agreement by himself on 11th of March 1970 ! Now the New Iraqis want us to go back 34 years and get nothing !
Now if Saddam Hussein accepts Kurdish autonomy and New Iraqis refuse it, what does that supposed to mean ?

Hell NOO to New Iraq.... New Iraqis have no power at the moment and they threaten us, what would happen if they get power and WMD ? They will do worse than what Saddam did.

The sooner Kurds decide on their fate, the safer they will be !
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