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Let's Remember Anfal

Today, is the 16th anniversary for the start of the mass-genocide campaign codenamed "Anfal" by the Iraqi government conducted on 23rd of Feb 1988 against the Kurdistani people.

Great real documents can be found here.

Anfal maps can be found here.

Anfal is a Koranic chapter and means "Spoils of War".. The Iraqi government used Islam for its genocide against the Kurds who were asking for self-determination-rights.

The anti-Kurdish "Anfal" campaign, mounted between February and September 1988 by the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, was both genocidal and gendercidal in nature. "Battle-age" men were the primary targets of Anfal, according to Human Rights Watch/Middle East (hereafter, HRW/ME). The organization writes in its book Iraq's Crime of Genocide: "Throughout Iraqi Kurdistan, although women and children vanished in certain clearly defined areas, adult males who were captured disappeared en masse. ... It is apparent that a principal purpose of Anfal was to exterminate all adult males of military service age captured in rural Iraqi Kurdistan" (pp. 96, 170). Only a handful survived the execution squads. described by Gendercide Watch

After 16 years, ordinary Iraqis and Iraqi political parties, nor USA and her allies, nor the United Nation, can't give Kurds a guarantee that another Anfal and Halabja will not be repeated.
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