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some news from Kurdistan...

Here are some topics which were published in today's independent Kurdish weekly (Hawlati) :

+ A new version of federalism has been suggested by the Americans Admin Paul Bremer III. According to Hawlati, the Americans have proposed that the North Federal State (Kurdistan) would include Kirkuk, Sulaimani, Hawler (Erbil), Duhok, Mosul and Tikrit. Some Kurdish areas around Diyala will not be included in this state.

hmmmm..... The addition of Mosul and Tikrit will balance out the Kurdish majority in Kurdistan. Sounds very good to me !! but the paper says Bremer is still waiting for the replies of Barzani and Talabani.

+ Hawlati says that the suicide bombers who blew themselves up on 1st Feb 2004 in Hawler (Erbil) are an Arab, and a Kurd. The paper claims that the guy who blew himself up at 10.05 PUK office is called (AbuBakir Hawleri) and he is a Kurd from Hawler (Erbil). The other fella who blew himself up at the KDP office is called (Kathem Joburi) and he is an Arab. They both belong to the terrorist Islamic extremist group Ansar Al-Sunna which was formerly part of Ansar Al-Islam, a group linked to Al-Qaeda.

Hawlati is an independent Kurdish weekly and it is the most readable newspaper in Kurdistan. Most of their sources are trusted and they are known for their liberal criticism of KDP and PUK.
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