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Terror Unites Kurds

The terror attacks on Sunday have united Kurds world-wide. As far as I am aware from the Kurdish sattelite channel Medya TV, the Mayor of the Kurdish town of DiyarBakir (Amed) in Turkey's Kurdistan (South East Turkey) has announced a three-day mourning for the victims in Hawler (Erbil).

The PUK's Kurdish sattelite channel, KurdSat, released a video-tape showing the moment the suicide attack has happened. The footage shows a man from behind shaking hands with a Kurdish politician and then he blows himself up. Both the cameramans have lost their lives too.

Both of the main Kurdish political parties now feel that they are in danger. In order to overcome this, they go towards unity. The bombers and their masters wanted to detroy the stability in Kurdistan. Before the war, the Iraqi government wouldn't allow Arabs to visit Kurdistan. (Even some Kurds who were born in Baghdad couldn't visit Kurdistan). After the war, the borders were removed. Checkpoints were lifted and people started coming to Kurdistan (since it was calm and safe).
But now with this incident, people in Kurdistan feel that the Terror-cancer would spread to Kurdistan (and it actually has). For this reason, I think we gonna see a more isolated Kurdistan region from the rest of Iraq.

Border checks would be tightened. Security levels would be high. Suspicious people speaking regional languages might be arrested on the suspicion of terror etc etc.
I have managed to get a picture of the moment just before the suicide bomber blew himself. The picture was taken from KurdSat and it was published in the KDP's daily "Khabat".
Here it is.

The man on the left (his nose appears) is the suicide bomber.
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